Cannibal Corpse - Gore Obsessed
(Metal Blade)

The horror movie of death metal, goregrinders Cannibal Corpse continue on their speeding way with Gore Obsessed. The Buffalo, New York legends of modern death metal have done little to change their formula since their 1990 debut, Eaten Back To Life. Gore Obsessed does have a five-minute plus song, ‘When Death Replaces Life’, making it a virtual epic alongside the two minute blasts like ‘Savage Butchery’, all the while guitarists Jack Owen and Pat O’Brien attack their guitars with the spunk of a Fear Factor contestant chewing on a Monkey’s triceps. Singer George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher has done a fine job of taking over the spewing and bile spitting cookie monster vocal attack that was once helmed by Chris Barnes (now in Six Feet Under) making Gore Obsessed a captivating listen as many other bands within the genre struggle to find their own heart.

By: Mitch Joel

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