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We are the new media; the digital-informers of the hotly contested 21st century. Yes, we are independent in all senses of the word and some would dark say a tad cheeky. But overall we are a rather pleasant bunch of talent that enjoys music & culture. Please understand that we cannot possibly accomodate all requests and submissions. Blistering.com and its staff however can assure that all CDs, press releases, and opportunities are perused keeping in line with the ever-growing demand for content on behalf of our loyal audience. Blistering.com is host to 30,000+ unique monthly visitors.

Please mail all CDs, demos, DVDs, films, documentaries, books, magazines, clothing, gadgets & more to:

Blistering Media Inc.
322-43 Samson
Laval, Quebec H7X 3R8

Site Manager: webmaster [at] blistering.com

Everything else: editor [at] blistering.com

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