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» Black Sabbath recently announced details of their reunion album, entitled 13. And your thoughts are?

» Former Metallica/Voivod bassist Jason Newsted has formed a new band under his own name. And your thoughts are?

» Whose new album are you most looking forward to in 2013?

» Of the bands below, who enjoyed the best year in 2012?

» What was the biggest news story in metal this year?

» Rumors are afloat that Carcass is recording a new studio album. And your thoughts are?

» What is your least favorite thing about the holiday season?

» At the Gates guitarist Anders Björler recently stated he has no interest in recording another studio album with the band. Should At the Gates ever do another album?

» Recently, Disney banned Machine Head from playing one of their venues in Florida. And your thoughts are?

» What is your favorite hard rock/metal-related movie?

» Will you be voting in this year's presidential election?

» Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris recently stated he doesn’t think the band will be around for another 10 years. How long do you think Maiden will last?

» In case you weren't aware, Kiss has new album out in the form of Monster. And your take on Kiss is?

» If you were Vinnie Paul and were faced with the option of reforming Pantera with Zakk Wylde filling in on guitar, what would you do?

» Per what recently happened to Nightwish in Denver, would you feel slighted if you saw a band performing with a different lead singer as a temporary fill-in?

» Ponder this one: Who in your estimation, is the biggest metal band in the world?

» This poll is not based on looks, so, who is your favorite bald dude in metal?

» Who is your favorite extreme metal drummer?

» Geoff Tate recently unveiled his version of Queensryche, featuring current and former members of the likes of Dio, Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth, and Ratt. What’s your take?

» Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman is still recovering from a flesh-eating disease that has sidelined him since early 2011. Should Slayer record their new album without him?

» Megadeth's Dave Mustaine recently made some controversial comments regarding gun control and President Obama. Your thoughts?

» Rap metal. We’ve all at least one time or another taken a dip in that pool, so, of the choices below, who is your favorite?

» Since apparently no one cares about bass players, maybe it’s time for a poll on them. So, of the choices below, who is your favorite metal bass player?

» Who is your favorite metal band from the fine state of New Jersey?

» Who is your favorite Bay Area thrash metal band?

» In light of Geoff Tate’s recent exit from Queensryche, in your opinion, which member departure hurt their respective band the most?

» In your humble estimation, who is the most reliable, and best metal record label at the present time?

» Authorities in the Czech Republic recently arrested Lamb of God singer Randy Bylthe for charges of manslaughter over the death of a fan who suffered injuries at one of their shows. Should fans be allowed to come up on stage during shows?

» Iron Maiden is currently touring North America, with a setlist that focuses mainly on their 80’s glory days. With that in mind, which is your favorite 80’s Maiden album outside of Number of the Beast?

» If you had to pick a band to lead metal into the future, who would it be?

» What are your thoughts on the reported strife within the Queensryche camp between singer Geoff Tate and his bandmates?

» Recently, Sebastian Bach stated he’s not opposed to re-joining Skid Row. And your thoughts are?

» The rumor mill is abuzz that Zakk Wylde would be willing to take Dimebag Darrell’s spot in a reformed Pantera. What’s your take?

» According to Chris Adler from Lamb of God, Marilyn Manson’s career ”finished a long time ago”. Do you agree?

» Per Dave Mustaine’s ill-fated recent statements regarding a possible Metallica/Megadeth “supergroup,” what’s your take?

» Of the choices below, who is your favorite pure death metal singer?

» Going back to the 90’s, which “alternative metal” band was your favorite?

» “Record Store Day” just took place over the weekend. So, when was the last time you were in a record store?

» Metallica recently announced plans for its own music festival that will take place this summer. What are your thoughts?

» Of the modern day metal guitar heroes listed below, who is your favorite?

» Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Of the “hit” songs on the album, which is your favorite?

» In a few weeks, Guns N’ Roses is slated to be inducted into the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. What do you think will happen?

» Of the vertically-challenged frontmen below, who is your favorite?

» A few weeks ago, Slipknot’s The Clown stated that Slipknot are ”The greatest band in the world.” And your thoughts are?

» By your estimation, who has been the most copied (and ripped-off) band the last decade?

» Killswitch Engage recently reuinted with original singer Jesse Leach. What's your take?

» Per Dave Mustaine’s recent comments about the Republican Party, do you think metal musicians’ should voice their political opinions?

» This year's installment of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem festival is set to feature Slipknot, Slayer, Anthrax, etc. Your thoughts are?

» If Bill Ward is unable to participate in the Black Sabbath reunion, who should his replacement be?

» Social media. It's all the rage these days, so how do you use it?

» Lamb of God has a new record coming out in the form of Resolution. What are your thoughts on the band?

» A tour with Mastodon, Opeth, and Ghost is rumored to be in the works for North America. Who would you prefer to see the most?

» Van Halen are giving it another go with David Lee Roth, including a new studio album. And your thoughts are?

» Of the choices below, whose album are you most excited about for 2012?

» As a whole, how would you rate the year in metal/hard rock for 2011?

» If you were afforded the luxury of a time machine, which year would you transport to?

» Which event in 2011 bummed you out the most?

» As part of our 2011 wrap-up, which of the below bands disappointed you the most this year?

» Earache Records once had a stable of extremely influential (and awesome) bands. From the below, who is your favorite?

» The holiday season is now upon us. What do you look forward to the most?

» Now that Black Sabbath have announced plans for a new studio album in 2012, what are your thoughts?

» Black Sabbath is supposed to be making a big announcement this week. What do you think it will be?

» Per what just happened to Metallica in India, if you saw members of the crowd destroying the stage, what would you do?

» If you were to walk in a record store on November 1st, which album would you probably pick up?

» Of the artists below, who do associate most with Halloween?

» "Alternative" rock/metal from the 90's. Of the bands below, which one is your favorite?

» Of the choices below, which band do you feel should be bigger than what they currently are?

» Coal Chamber just announced some reunion shows, which got us thinking: What was the worst thing about metal in the late 90's?

» Of the choices below, which album are you anticipating the most this fall?

» What are your thoughts on the forthcoming new Dream Theater album, A Dramatic Turn of Events?

» How would you react if we told you the new Anthrax (Worship Music) is better than anything Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer have put out in over 15 years?

» What are your thoughts on the recently-announced Metallica/Lou Reed collaboration?

» Anthrax's long-awaited Worship Music is due for release in less than a month. And your thoughts are?

» Due to the untimely passing of ex-Warrant singer Jani Lane, Blistering was wondering, who is your favorite 80's hair band?

» Like Metallica's Black album, Nirvana's Nevermind is approaching 20 years since its release. How would you rate it?

» Nearly 20 years have passed since Metallica's Black album. What is your take on it?

» What do you do when it's too hot outside?

» We're past the halfway mark for 2011. What's your take on the year thus far?

» Of the current lead guitarists in the "Big 4," who is your favorite?

» In the last 10 years, which band has done the most to turn you off?

» Anthrax has a new one coming out later this year (Worship Music), so what's your level of interest?

» Lo and behold, Limp Bizkit has a new album coming out entitled Gold Cobra. And your thoughts are?

» By your estimation, who is the "smartest" man in metal/hard rock?

» Considering the constant talk about a reunion for the "classic" Guns 'N Roses lineup, who is your favorite member from the band's heyday?

» Per Judas Priest's recent performance on American Idol, what are your thoughts on metal bands performing on such "commercial" shows?

» What's your level of interest for the new In Flames album, Sounds Of A Playground Fading?

» By your estimation (regardless of gender), who is the hottest chick in metal?

» How excited are you over Dream Theater's new drummer, Mike Mangini?

» Guitarist KK Downing recently announced his departure from Judas Priest. If you were Priest, what would you do?

» Your thoughts on the upcoming Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem tour featuring Disturbed, Godsmack, Megadeth, etc. are?

» What are your thoughts on a possible Sepultura reunion?

» Who is your favorite hard rock/metal band from the 70's?

» Slayer and Megadeth are currently touring Europe together, so out of both band's most popular albums, which is your favorite?

» Of the choices below, who is your favorite metal band from the United Kingdom?

» Who is your favorite Swedish metal band?

» Which 80's metal act do you find to be most annoying?

» When was the last time you purchased an actual CD?

» Slayer recently announced that guitarist Jeff Hanneman will be forced to miss European tour dates due to illness. If you were Slayer, what would you do?

» The "Big 4" only announced plans for one show this summer in California. Your thoughts are...

» Out of the choices below, who are you most suprised has been able to sustain a long-lasting career?

» The 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise leaves this weeek, so for you, what would be the best part of going on an all-metal cruise ship?

» If there was one style of metal you were MOST tired of at this point, what would it be?

» When metal took a nosedive in the mid-90s, what band did the most to piss you off either by altering their sound, going commercial, or changing their singer?

» What excites you most about 2011?

» What will you remember most about 2010?

» Do you own a metal Christmas album?

» Judas Priest recently announced plans for a farewell tour. Your level of interest is...

» Of the bands below, who do you feel is currently the most overrated?

» Rapidly approaching the end of the year, so, what kind of year has this been for metal/hard rock?

» By your estimation, which metal/hard rock record label is currently the best?

» Metallica albums post-The Black Album...what is your favorite?

» Of the Pantera off-shoot bands (past and present), who is your favorite?

» In terms of modern metal vocalists, who of the choices below is your favorite?

» Since Halloween is widely considered to be the most "metal" of the holidays (if you want to call it a "holdiday"), what is your favorite thing about it?

» If you were at a concert and the headlining band was extremely late (i.e. pick any recent Guns 'N Roses show), what would you do?

» If you had to pick, which "mainstream" rock/metal band would you listen to?

» If you had to read a book by any of the following, who would you pick?

» Both Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth have albums coming out this fall. If you had to choose, which band would you pick?

» Given the recent departure of Mike Portnoy, what should Dream Theater do?

» German metal seems to be all of the rage at the moment, so, who is your favorite band from Deustchland?

» Record labels: How relevant do you think they are today?

» In your opinion, what has been the best tour of the summer?

» Since Iron Maiden has a new album out and it's a tad underwhelming, let's focus on their glory years. What's your favorite "classic" Maiden album?

» From your perspective, would there be any interest in an Ozzy-fronted Black Sabbath album?

» Since Pantera emerged as the favorite band of the 90s on this very poll, which is your album of choice?

» Who was your favorite band of the 1990s?

» What has been your favorite decade for heavy metal/hard rock?

» We're now more than halfway through 2010. Has the year lived up to your expectations?

» Continuing with our "Big 4" discussion, who is your favorite singer of the four bands?

» The "Big 4" is currently making the rounds across Europe. With that thought in mind, who is your favorite guitarist of the four bands?

» What is your opinion of the new Iron Maiden song, "El Dorado?"

» Of the choices below, who is your favorite Seattle-based hard rock/metal band?

» In case you have forgotten, Joey Belladonna recently rejoined Anthrax. And your thoughts are?

» Of the below, which is your favorite album that Ronnie James Dio was a part of?

» Which "nu metal" band do you find most tolerable?

» Which mainstage act on this year's Ozzfest are you most looking forward to seeing?

» Who is your favorite, still-active classic rock band?

» Pick the 80's hair metal band that annoys you the least, if at all possible.

» When was the last time you set foot in a record store?

» Your thoughts on Option Paralysis, the new Dillinger Escape Plan, are

» Which veteran metal/hard rock act should follow the Scorpion's lead and plan an actual retirement?

» Axl Rose is back to his usual shenanigans, so would you wait three-plus hours to see Guns 'N Roses if Rose felt like showing up late?

» Iron Maiden circa 2010: nostalgia act or still-viable entity?

» Are you ready for winter to be over?

» Which veteran thrash group currently making the rounds is your favorite?

» The lineup for this summer's Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival was recently announced. Your thoughts are...

» On a rare non-metal/hard rock note, who is your pick to win this Sunday's Super Bowl?

» What metal/hard rock band would you most like to see play during the Super Bowl halftime show?

» Of the choices below, who is your favorite American death metal band?

» Who is your favorite Canadian metal/hard rock band?

» What, if anything do you foresee happening in 2010?

» The "Big 4" (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax) are slated to do a string of dates together in Europe. Which band will emerge as victor?

» This holiday season, are you:

» Has 2009 lived up to expecations?

» Of the choices, what was the biggest event/development of this decade?

» During the holiday shopping season, will you be purchasing music (i.e. those things called "compact discs") for yourself or someone on your list?

» What is your opinion of the new Slayer album, World Painted Blood?

» What is your preferred Katatonia album of this decade?

» For you, what trend has come to define 2009?

» If you want to check out a band, what social platform do you prefer to use?

» By your estimation, which label below is the best?

» Who is the biggest loudmouth in metal/hard rock?

» Alice In Chains is returning with a new album and a new singer. Your thoughts are...

» Your early impressions of Endgame, the new Megadeth album are?

» Who is your favorite Boston-based metal band?

» Who is your favorite "modern" death metal band?

» Of the choices below, which female-fronted metal band do you prefer?

» Who is your favorite costume/make-up wearing rock/metal band?

» Judging from "Headcrusher," the first released song off Megadeth's new album Endgame, this could be the return-to-form that many have been pining for since Rust In Peace. Are you drinking the Kool-Aid?

» In light of Zakk Wylde's suppossed canning from Ozzy Osbourne's band, who do you think would make a good replacement?

» If you are Anthrax and are currently without a lead singer, what do you do?

» Who was the best band on Roadrunner Records during the 1990's?

» What is your favorite "classic" era Fear Factory album?

» Of the choices below, which band are you most looking forward to seeing on this summer's Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival?

» By your estimation, which one of the vaunted "Four Horsemen of Thrash" has remained the most relevant?

» In case you were living under a rock, Limp Bizkit is back in action. And your thoughts are...?

» What is your level of excitement for Killswitch Engage's forthcoming self-titled album?

» We're almost at the halfway mark of 2009. Has the year in metal/hard rock lived up to your expectations?

» Who is your favorite Finnish metal band?

» At this point, how are interested are you in a new Slayer studio album?

» Who is your favorite "progressive" hard rock/metal band?

» Who is your favorite Ozzy Osbourne guitarist?

» Who is your favorite German metal band?

» Should Dave Mustaine have been invited to play onstage with Metallica during their Rock And Roll Hall of Fame induction performance?

» Concept albums in metal. Too many or not enough?

» What band is next deserving of Guitar Hero treatment?

» Who is the best Swedish melodic death metal band?

» What are your preliminary expectations for the forthcoming Heaven and Hell album, The Devil You Know?

» What are your early impressions of Lamb of God's new album, Wrath?

» Who was the best 90's metal/hard rock band?

» Not counting the ever-obvious choice of Napalm Death, who is the best grindcore band of all time?

» Who is the best crossover band of all time?

» If MTV's Headbanger's Ball dropped off the air tomorrow, would you notice?

» Which is the best Max Cavalera-era Sepultura album?

» Who is the best active black metal band? And yes, we're using the term "black metal" quite liberally...

» What is your most anticipated release of 2009?

» Overall, did metal/hard rock in 2008 meet your expectations?

» Who was the biggest disapointment of 2008?

» Who was the biggest surprise of 2008?

» Who staged the best comeback/reunion of 2008?

» Blistering.com Best-of 2008:
Who is the best newcomer of 2008?

» What are your initial impressions of Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy?

» Who is your favorite shock rock and/or theatrical act?

» In a few weeks, will you be buying Guns N' Roses' long-awaited Chinese Democracy?

» Who is the best politically-inspired band?

» Are you more inclined to buy an album if its sold exclusively through a retail chain ala Wal-Mart or Best Buy?

» Which so-called "New Wave of American Heavy Metal" band will have the most staying power?

» Not counting Back In Black and a select few, which is the best Brian Johnson-era AC/DC album?

» Of the choices below, which is the best thrash metal album?

» What are your initial impressions of Metallica's Death Magnetic album?

» Per last week's poll, will you be purchasing Metallica's Death Magnetic album?

» Are you impressed with Metallica's new single, "The Day That Never Comes?"

» What's your favorite brand of "core?"

» Who would you rather see win in a fight?

» Which long-running act should hang it up?

» Which era of Black Sabbath do you prefer?

» Considering both bands will have taken part in a North American reunion tour by the conclusion of 2008, who is the more influencial act?

» Halfway through 2008, are you now sick of the proliferation of epic pagan folk metal acts (i.e. Eluveitie, Ensiferum, Týr, etc.) that have bombarded the underground?

» Is Cryptopsy's The Unspoken King the Cold Lake (Celtic Frost's much-maligned 'departure' album) of the new millenium?

» Per last week's poll, what are your initial impressions of Judas Priest's Nostradamus?

» What is your expecation of Nostradamus, Judas Priest's first-ever concept album?

» In your opinion, what is the best metal magazine on the market?

» Do you play Guitar Hero?

» Which summer concert tour are you most looking forward to?

» As seen above, Blistering.com has switched to an RSS feed from Blabbermouth.net to maintain the high volume level of news produced by the metal/hard rock world. With that in mind, how important is getting the news in a timely fashion to you?

» Reportedly, Metallica is nearing completion of their next studio album. Given the disaster that was St. Anger, what is your level of interest?

» How many summer movies will you be attending this year?

» If the race for the Democratic nomination between Clinton and Obama continues to drag on, will the Democrats be able to defeat John McCain come November?

» Motley Crue is slated to release a new album and tour this summer. What is your level of interest?

» A proposed summer North American tour featuring Judas Priest and Heaven and Hell has been rumored. In your opinion, who should headline?

» What are your thoughts on this year's installment of Ozzfest being only a two or three day 'festival' type event?

» Will you be following this year's "March Madness" NCAA basketball tournament?

» Are you ready for winter to be over with?

» Are you following the 2008 Presidential race?

» Did you watch the Super Bowl?

» Will 2008 be the death-knell for the CD industry as we know it?

» What type of music are you buying most these days?

» How many concerts have you seen this summer thus far?

» How often do you check out metal sites and magazines online?

» Do you think that horrific events like the Virginia Tech shooting represent "a few bad apples" within society or broader societal problems on the whole?

» Do you have your own MySpace and/or Facebook page?

» Do you think that bands should avoid signing to record labels in favor of going the independent route?

» Do you still buy CDs?

» Do you think there will ever be another huge career band like a Metallica or Pantera or Slayer?

» Who do you think is going to win the Democratic nomination for President in 2008?

» How was the Super Bowl?

» Do you use any of the following sites: Digg, Flickr, and/or del.icio.us?

» Did you watch the State Of The Union speech?

» Do you own a digital video camera?

» Do you use YouTube to watch music videos?

» Do you think 2007 is going to rock more than 2006?

» What are your plans for this holiday season?

» Are you using RSS?

» In general, what content do you like the most?

» Do you keep up to date with the business side of the music industry? (Label signings, acquisitions, etc.)

» Do you listen to podcasts?

» Do you blog?

» Are you satisfied with the outcome of the recent midterm elections in the USA?

» Do you generally preview an album before buying it? (For example, listening to audio files online or borrowing a copy from a friend.)

» Do you access the internet from your mobile phone?

» Do you buy music from iTunes?

» FOR U.S. CITIZENS ONLY: Do you plan to vote during the mid-term elections on November 7th?

» Are you a registered member at MySpace?

» Do you prefer to read album reviews written by other metal fans or from the media?

» Do you use the internet more than 50% of your time for music-related purposes? (e.g. for music news, videos, downloads, tour dates, and other content)

» Are you happy that summer is almost over?

» Are you concerned with issues related to net neutrality?

» Where do you get most of your news from?

» Are you stoked for the upcoming ski / snowboard season?

» Who got you into heavy music?

» Of the following, which decade produced the best music?

» Do you read blogs?

» Are you a registered member at MySpace?

» Are you watching the TV show Rock Star: Supernova?

» Are you a fan of experimental / artsy / abstract music?

» Did Italy deserve to win the World Cup?

» Are you following the World Cup?

» Does it annoy the hell out of your when music starts playing randomly on a web site?

» How much does summer rock?

» Are you new school or old school metal?

» Do you think moshing should be banned at concerts?

» Do you listen to podcasts?

» How many concerts do you want to attend this summer?

» Are you a big fan of RSS/XML feeds?

» Are you employed by a major corporation?

» Of the following choices, what type of metal news is most important to you?

» Would you be offended if Blistering.com opened up a SEPARATE section for non-metal music?

» What type of film is your favorite?

» Do you read blogs on a regular basis?

» What is your prefered internet browser?

» Are you currently being profiled by Nielsen//NetRatings or do you know someone who is?

» How many countries have you visited around the world? (Not including your own!)

» In general, do you normally do in-depth research, i.e. 30 minutes or more, before buying something?

» Do you consider yourself politically aware?

» Do you talk politics with your friends / family on a regular basis? (i.e. once a week or more)

» Do you access the internet using a mobile device? (ie BlackBerry, Treo, etc.)

» Which music format do you prefer?

» Do you think that music should be free?

» Do you think we're going to keep on rocking in the free world for much longer?

» Do you think the music industry is corrupt?

» Did you watch the Oscars?

» What is your preferred audio/video streaming format?

» What is the most you'll pay for a t-shirt? (In U.S. Dollars)

» Do you think that payola is widespread in the music industry? (e.g. a record company or manager pays a media outlet or radio station to feature their music)

» Do you even care anymore?

» Are you subscribed to a heavy metal print magazine?

» Of the following, what is most important to you in metal?

» Did you watch the Grammy Awards ceremony?

» Do you think that the media plays too large a role in determining which bands get "famous"? (Specifically, in the rock & metal community.)

» What is your favorite season?

» Do you think that the government should be allowed to tap your conversations (ie phone calls, e-mails) without a warrant?

» This one is for musicians only. Do product endorsements (ie guitars, strings, drums, etc) of your favorite artists influence your decision when buying new gear?

» In general, does image play a role in your decision to check out a new band or buy their CD?

» Do you think the metalcore scene is getting more popular, stagnant, or on the decline?

» How many GENRES of music do you listen to on a regular basis? (ie metal, rock, country, dance, pop, country, trance, house, hip hop, etc.)

» Do you have a valid passport?

» Do you think that most bands are using the internet to its full potential? (relating to the marketing of their music online)

» How was your New Year's celebration?

» Is New Year's Eve a time to celebrate the upcoming year or just an excuse to get wasted?

» What influence do you want to see more of at Blistering.com next year?

» How much do you plan to spend buying Christmas gifts this year?

» What are you doing to remember the life and times of Dimebag?

» Do you think that buying music digitally, via iTunes for example, is a good way of protecting our environment?

» Do you think musicians should be more vocal about politics, human rights, the environment, and other such social issues?

» Do you buy concert tickets from scalpers?

» I own an Apple...

» Will you be giving the gift of music this holiday season? (e.g. CDs, DVDs, gift certificate to iTunes, etc.)

» Do you keep up with music industry / business news? (i.e. label deals, artist signings, etc.)

» In general, what is your opinion of security at concerts that you attend?

» Are you registered at mySpace.com?

» How many times do you shop for music each month? (Either online or in retail shops)

» Should there be any restrictions regarding the sale of alcohol at concerts? (e.g. stopping sales at a certain time or not serving drinks altogether)

» How many concert festivals did you attend this past summer? (e.g. Ozzfest, Gigantour, etc.)

» How do you normally travel to see a concert?

» On average, how much time do you usually spend travelling to nearby concerts?

» How many bands should be on the bill at any given concert?

» North American vs. Europe: Who has the best heavy music?!

» Are you a conspiracy theorist?!

» Are you more inclined to check out a new band if you're already familiar with the record label releasing their album?

» What is your opinion of God Forbid's new album IV: Constitution Of Treason?

» Do you VoIP? (e.g. Vonage internet phone service)

» Do you listen to podcasts?

» How many hours per week do you spend playing guitar?

» Do you buy music from iTunes?

» Were you or your family or friends displaced by hurricane Katrina?

» Are you one of the lame-ass Republicans who hacked the last poll bashing the President for his innaction in helping hurricane Katrina victims?

» Do you think the Bush Administration & government fucked up the hurricane Katrina relief efforts?

» Do you think artists should be more charitable?

» Do you currently subscribe to satellite radio? (e.g. Sirius, XM)

» Are you straight-edge and/or vegan?

» Do you think Ozzfest will survive in the years to come without Ozzy as the tour headliner?

» Which do you prefer, coffee or tea?

» Are you a fan of death metal?

» Do you think that major record labels are in danger of being overthrown by smaller, more cutting edge independent record labels using the internet as a primary marketing vehicle?

» Is 'NÜ-METAL' dead yet?

» Have you seen military soldier recruitment stations at any metal concerts this summer?

» How big is your CD collection?

» Where do you buy most of your CDs?

» Do you think that bands should boycott concert promoters and/or venues that overcharge for tickets and refreshments?

» Do you think that your government cares about your well-being?

» Do you think that the so-called "War On Terror" is creating more terror around the world?

» How was your 4th of July?

» Do you think that concert venues should allow undercover cops to spy on concert-goers?

» Do you actually celebrate national holidays or just get drunk?

» Should metal detectors be mandatory at all metal shows?

» Which music download site/service do you use most, of the following?!

» EXCLUDING MUSIC, do you paint, draw, sculpt, or otherwise dabble in the arts?

» Do you think bands should release more live albums?

» Will you be attending Live 8, which is slated to take place on July 2nd this year?

» Do you think Michael Jackson should be in jail right now?

» Are you impressed by new DualDisc / DVDplus releases? (Two-sided discs that feature CD music on one side and a DVD on the flip.)

» Which of the following is most destructive to society?

» Do you think that Blistering.com should focus on the political views of metal artists?

» Do you think it's possible that an anonymous source would try to bring down the Bush Administration? (Just as the now-revealed "Deep Throat" - former FBI official W. Mark Felt - did for the Nixon / Watergate scandal.)

» Have you seen the 3-part BCC documentary film titled The Power Of Nightmares: The Rise Of The Politics Of Fear?

» Which festival are you most looking forward to this summer?

» Does the new Star Wars movie suck or does it rock?

» Approximately how many web sites do you visit 3 or more times per week?

» Have you seen the documentary film "The Corporation"?

» If you were offered two different record deals, which of the following would you choose:

» Do you currently have a PayPal account?

» What type of metal media sources do you think are most reliable?

» Of the following, which group do you think is most mentally unstable?

» What is your favorite type of concert venue?

» Do you spend more time watching TV or on the internet?

» If you are currently employed, how would you describe your working conditions?

» Do you think that drug and alcohol abuse is widespread within the music industry?

» What is your preferred gaming platform?

» Do you collect music posters? (i.e. big posters, tour posters, etc.)

» How much time per week do you spend listening to internet radio stations?

» If you don't like a band's debut album, how likely is it that you'll give them a second chance by listening to their next album?

» At what cost level do you think a single concert ticket becomes too expensive? (In U.S. Dollars)

» In what format do you buy the majority of your music?

» Approximately how much of your CD collection is comprised of non-metal / heavy music? (i.e. 50's rock, hip-hop, country, or whatever floats your boat!)

» In general, how do you rate the record production in the metal scene today?

» Do you think that Guns N' Roses will ever release "Chinese Democracy"?

» How many more reunion tours do you think Black Sabbath will embark on?

» Of the following, what is your primary concern when shopping online?

» Which music download site/service do you use most, of the following?

» Is your local heavy metal scene vibrant or stagnant?

» Do you think guitarist Head is really leaving KoRn for God?

» What did you think of the 77th Annual Academy Awards show?

» Do you watch the Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart?

» If an artist signs to a major record label, do you think it is considered "selling out"?

» In general, do you think record labels are greedy?

» What did you think of the Grammy Awards ceremony?

» How many hours per day do you spend listening to music?

» Do you think artists should release more official live recordings?

» What is your preferred instant messenger?

» Do you still buy vinyl?

» How many CD's do you own?

» Do you think CD's will be obsolete by 2010?

» Do you support the inauguration of George Bush?

» Do you support the inauguration of George W. Bush?

» Do you write a blog?

» Do you boycott musicians that don't agree with your political views? (For example, by not buying their music.)

» What is most important to you in music?

» Do you own an iPod?

» Where did you celebrate the New Year?

» Since it's the holiday season let's take some time to mull over 2004. Who's been most naughty during the last year?

» Do you think former Pantera singer Phil Anselmo is going to retire from the music business?

» Do you think concert security should increase as a result of the recent club shooting?

» Are you familiar with bio-diesel fuel?

» After researching music and artists on the web, are you most inclined to shop online, in-store, etc.?

» Do you think that John Kerry and the Democrats have a secret plan to overthrow President Bush?

» Do you ski or snowboard?

» Do you care if Motley Crue officially reunites?

» Do you prefer similar music genres on a concert bill or more diverse styles?

» In general, do you consciously try to support independent media over its corporate competition?

» Are you in a band?

» Do you think the U.S. election was rigged? (e.g. electronic voting fraud, multiple voting, etc.)

» Are you satisfied with the U.S. election results?

» How long did it take you to vote?

» What do you hate most about concerts?

» What is your preferred instant messenger?

» Who do you think lies more?

» Do you think that CDs will be eliminated completely by 2010?

» Who do you think won the third (and final) presidential "debate"?

» Do you think that Howard Stern's move to satellite radio in 2006 will mark the death of AM / FM radio?

» Who do you think won the second Presidential debate?

» Who won the first (and only) Vice Presidential debate?

» Who won the first presidential "debate"?

» Do you think digital music sales are reasonable at 99 cents per song?

» Do you think it is possible to have universally free health care in the United States if proper reforms were put in place?

» What should the government do about marijuana?

» Do you think the media is over-dramatizing hurricane Francis?

» Are you a fan of metal or rock of the religious / Christian variety?

» Have you purchased a music-related book or novel in the last 3 months?

» What is your preferred type of radio?

» What's your opinion of the Republican National Convention?

» Have you purchased a CD compilation or soundtrack in the last 3 months?

» Are the bands featured at Blistering.com too mainstream?!

» What level of music coverage are you most interested in? (i.e. bands, shows, etc.)

» Are you worried about the effects of genetically modified foods on your health?

» Do you think Wes Borland's departure and recent return to Limp Bizkit was planned from the start?

» In general, do you think Ozzfest is too commercial now?

» What is your preferred heavy metal media type for headlines, music, and interviews?

» Do you think the U.S. news media is corrupt?

» For Americans over the age of 18: are you going to vote in the 2004 Presidential election?

» Have you seen Metallica's Some Kind Of Monster documentary? If so, what did you think of it?

» Is Ralph Nader going to spoil the 2004 presidential elections?

» How many CDs have you purchased online in the last 30 days?

» What do you think of Michael Moore's new film, Farenheit 9/11?

» What is your preferred live streaming audio format?

» Are you currently employed within the music industry? (Record store, label, magazine, etc.)

» What do you like to read most about in band interviews?

» Do you think Marilyn Manson has a future in acting?

» What are you?

» Do you own a portable MP3 player? (iPod, Rio, etc.)

» Have you ever, directly or indirectly, donated to charity? (i.e. fundraising concerts, charity auctions, etc.)

» Who is more dangerous?

» What do you think of the new Slipknot album, The Subliminal Verses (Vol. 3)?

» What service should Blistering.com launch next?

» Do you attend concerts that feature local bands only?

» Should Secretary Of Defence Donald Rumsfeld resign from his post?

» Do you think that concerts have become too violent?

» Do you think Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine disbanded Megadeth with the intention of reforming the band shortly thereafter? (i.e. for media attention)

» Is the Velvet Revolver hype worth your time?

» Do you skateboard or snowboard?

» Are you attending the Warped Tour this year?

» Are you attending Ozzfest this year?

» Who stood the test of time best?

» Weekends are for...

» Of the following, which prize would you most like to win in an upcoming giveaway?

» Are you interested in reading more editorial & op-ed pieces at Blistering.com?

» Do you think massive festivals like Ozzfest are too commercialized?

» What color t-shirt do you like best?

» Do you read or write blogs?

» Would you appreciate coverage of more international artists?

» What are you?

» Have you ever downloaded or listened to FLAC sound files? (Free Lossless Audio Codec)

» Are you subscribed to a heavy metal print magazine?

» How much do you normally spend to buy one CD?

» Where do you live?

» Would you subscribe to a monthly Blistering.com DVD magazine? (The DVD would feature videos, live footage, and interviews)

» What do you think of the Ozzfest 2004 lineup?

» In light of the Great White concert disaster in Rhode Island, do you feel safe at shows that use pyrotechnics?

» Do you think Queens Of The Stone Age should call it a day since the departure of Nick Oliveri & Mark Lanegan?

» Did you watch the Grammy Awards?

» Do you plan to see the new Metallica documentary, "Some Kind Of Monster"?

» How important are the political views of your favorite artists?

» Is KoRn still relevant?

» What do you think of The Darkness?

» Have your illegal MP3 downloading habits changed over the last year?

» How do you think Iced Earth is faring with new vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens? (as compared to Matt Barlow)

» How do you think the new Fear Factory album will fare without guitarist Dino Cazares?

» On a scale of 1 (= poor) to 5 (= great) please rate Blistering.com's new web design:

» What is your preferred type of media to keep up to date with the metal scene?

» Are you interested in learning more about the music industry behind the scenes? (i.e. deals, rumours, label conduct, etc.)

» Besides news, what section do you check first when you surf Blistering.com?

» Blistering.com needs to be more...

» Question for Americans: What would you do if the U.S. government reinstated the draft?

» How many opening/support bands should play at any given concert?

» Do you own an XBOX, Playstation 2, and/or Game Cube?

» How do you surf the internet?

» Which band do you think is leading the new wave of heavy music?

» Do you think Blistering.com should get a new web design?

» Are enhanced CDs & bonus DVDs encouraging you to buy more music at retail?

» Do you own a guitar and / or bass?

» What do you think of the Sharon Osbourne Show?

» Do you own a portable MP3 player?

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