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[Blistering.com Signing Off] After more than a decade in digital publishing, online magazine Blistering.com is set to sunset. In its place will be a new business-to-business web site that provides marketing technology and services to record labels, artists, and entertainment-related companies. The first brand to launch under the Blistering.com umbrella will be Blistering Rich Media, a line of interactive multimedia banner ads capable to streaming music, video, and more...

[Cryptopsy - Out With the New, In With the Old Part I] “There was never a period where I called it quits. It’s a tough, tough industry and we’re in an underground music scene that doesn’t generate much of anything in terms of money for the band members. That also explains why a lot of band members come and go. You either stick at it and fight through it because you love it or you get a job and quit. A lot of our guys have real jobs but they work around it because they’re passionate about the music.” – Flo Mounier

[Therion - The Crown of Symphony] “If someone gave me horseshit, I won’t be ‘Wow, I have a handful of horseshit!’ I’ll be like, ‘Okay, I don’t like having this in my hand, but I forgot that it’s useful as fertilizer.’ These internet idiots without a life, just throwing up on everything and everybody, self-explained experts and half-retarded people who think they are smart, but don’t have a life because they have an internet connection…it’s a very bad combination. These people are the horseshit in our hands, so we use them to grow the flowers of evil.” – Christofer Johnsson

[From the Archives: Ronnie James Dio 2009 Interview] I always get twitchy before doing an interview, but I remember being extremely nervous before sitting down to phone Ronnie James Dio. The man, after all, was an absolute legend in rock and metal circles, having performed on at least three out and out classic albums (Rainbow's Rising, Black Sabbath's Heaven And Hell and Dio's Holy Diver). It only took a moment though for him to put me at ease with his easy going nature...

[Germ – Lost in Negative Space] “I've always said good music is good music, regardless of the genre. When it came to Germ, I just wanted to combine some things that are close to me. I never intended it to be some new style of BM or anything. I just thought ‘man I love Jarre's works, what if I put some of that along with a depressive type of BM and add some orchestral instruments’ and so that's basically what I did ha-ha!” – Tim Yatras

[Holy Grail - Riding Metal Road Warriors] “If it weren’t for social media, we wouldn’t be where we are right now as far as popularity. The word gets out so fast, if you get things in the hands of the right taste-maker, or the right person starts talking about you, that word spreads like wildfire. It can also work against you in the opposite way, but we’ve gotten the better half of the bargain there. The cool stuff is reaching out to fans- years ago you would dream about being 14 and being able to talk to Bruce Dickinson or someone like that.” – James Paul-Luna

[Eluveitie – Princes (and Princesses) of the Poverty Line] “I’ve started working on the concept for it on this tour. It will still take a while. It was just a spontaneous idea to do something else with it. On this tour, I started on the concept for the next metal album. Lyrical conception-wise, it became obvious to link it with together with the next Evocation album…make it another concept. We will probably do two albums linked together. That’s two albums and a lot work, but we’re still on the road and will still be on the road until next summer.” – Chrigel Glanzmann

[Rage Nucléaire – Coming Out of the Wormwood] “We have no actual plans to play live, but if we're offered an interesting show and have sufficient time to prepare for it, we might go for it. Long-ass tours are definitely a thing of the past, for a few reasons. Not to put too fine a point on it, but family considerations weigh heavily here, including our execrable day jobs and the (ha) salaries they provide. Then there are the lung infections I tend to pick up on the road (usually double pneumonia, which didn't help the teaching gig). So, naw, no more six-week tours.” – Lord Worm

[Greg Lenzo Best-of 2012] Wow, it’s really almost 2013 isn’t it?! Sheesh, time flies…it’s a horrible cliché, but it couldn’t be more accurate in describing my feelings during this time of year. And what a year it’s been- we’ve seen a plethora of noteworthy albums drop in the past 365 days, to the point where I’m having an extremely difficult time choosing only 10…

[Evocation – Bounded by Chaos] “But, if we would have developed the same way as we do today and stuck to our guns the whole way, the story would be totally different. Perhaps we wouldn´t have to worry about fucking regular 9-5 life under this fucking slavery state. The worst thing about Sweden both back then and nowadays is that media/journalists have trouble thinking objective, they nag on bands that are actually good and they love only bands that everybody else loves.” - Tjompe

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