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There are many ways that you can share Blistering.com content using RSS (Really Simply Syndication) or by linking content on any one of your favourite social media utilities like Facebook, MySpace, and more.


While surfing at Blistering.com, you will notice icons that say "SHARE" on them. If you hover your mouse over the button, a list will appear that will give you the ability to post the content on a given page on your Facebook, MySpace, Del.icio.us, Twitter, Technorati, Google, and Digg. For more options, simply click on "MORE" and dozens of other social utilities will appear. This widget also allows you the opportunity to "Favourite" a given page and allow to you e-mail pages to friends.

Here is what the widget looks like:


Currently you can publish the latest Blistering news headlines by adding the RSS Feed URL below to your site. Soon you will be able to choose from a global site feed featuring content like photography, reviews, features, and more.

RSS News Feed URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/blistering_news


To publish Blistering content either commercially, academically, or otherwise please contact us for rate details. Talent and content keeps independent media on its feet and we encourage you to be mindful and respectful of our creative rights.

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