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Blistering.com Signing Off

By: David E. Gehlke

Dear faithful readers,

Surely as some of you have noticed, site updates have been reduced to a minimum the last few weeks. Fortunately, no one was hit by a bus or abducted by aliens, but unfortunately, Blistering.com in its current formation ceased to be effective Friday, January 25. The site is being repurposed as an industry hub titled "Blistering Rich Media," a property of our good friends (and site owner) Fixion Media. Because of this new direction, the site as we've come to know is no more; it will simply be available for archival reference.

Blistering lasted 15 years in large part because of our broad readership and fantastic cooperation with our label and media partners. As the site's creator Rob Cotter can attest, starting a metal website in the late 90's was unchartered territory. There was no precedent or template to work from, for magazines still ruled the roost. Yet, the site was able to grow (and thrive) throughout the years, churning out massive amounts of content while staying relevant and true to its original purpose: to deliver cutting-edge features and reviews on hard rock and metal bands. We couldn't have done any of this without you, our readership, and the great friends we've made throughout the industry.

The site has been in my hands since September of 2007, so obviously, this is a big change for me. However, I am very proud of the work we've done and would like to thank the staff for all of their hard work and willingness to devote their time to something that generates very little financial reward. In a bit of good news, everyone's work will remain on display, for the site will remain viewable for an indefinite amount of time. We've done some truly great work...I hope you take the time check it out for a trip down memory lane.

The elephant in the room is what will come of the staff. Mike Sloan is a well-known MMA and fight writer for Sherdog.com and Fightnews.com; Ken Gallant has picked up work with Metalpit.com; Matt Coe holds down the fort on Eternalterror.com (so does Dan Barkasi) and Imhotep.com, and Greg Lenzo and Matthew Bowling will resume their collegiate studies like the nerds they are. Old-timers Justin Donnelly and Ken McGrath will probably find new writing avenues at the drop of a hat. Our photographers Charnelle Stohrer, Greg Dixon, Mary Boukouvalas, and Oleg Hmelntis will have little trouble finding a home for their work as well.

For the time being, I'll be writing for About.com and Teethofthedivine.com, two sites that were gullible enough to allow my drivel to grace their pages. Be sure to check out those sites, and the ones listed above. Oh, did I mention a new metal site under the direction of yours truly a few other Blistering staffers is already in the works? I might have passed that ditty over...

Thank you for the support. It's been good times all around.

Gratefully yours,
David E. Gehlke

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