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Erupted - In the Grip of Chaos (Abyss Records)

By: David E. Gehlke

[5.5/10] Death metal bands don’t have very many options these days. They can only go so many ways, with most trending toward the glory days of old, probably because coming up with ideas of their own is too scary. It’s a downer when you think about it, for the only true advancement to come in death metal has the wave of Sumerian bands, and even they aren’t considered “true death metal.” All this causes bands to pack it in creatively, which is exactly what Sweden’s Erupted did on their laughable In the Grip of Chaos debut.

Their 2010 formation doesn’t give them a free pass for stinking up the joint; rather it places increased scrutiny on an album that is utterly sloppy, out-of-tune, and unmemorable. Worst of all, they’re playing slow-paced death metal, with little or any emphasis on speed. From the start of “Salvation From Below” to the dingy “The Dark Mistress,” all the way to the only song that has any excitement, “That Which is Denied Gains Power,” In the Grip of Chaos is beginner’s-level death metal. Most bands wouldn’t let this stuff leave the garage, let alone the cutting room floor.

Erupted is off to an inauspicious start, one that might be next to impossible to bounce back from. Then again, there are some lackeys out there willing to give In the Grip of Chaos an opportunity…but it won’t be Blistering.

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