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SEANCE Announces New Lineup

Reactivated Swedish death metallers SEANCE have parted ways with guitarist Rickard "Richard Corpse" Rimfält.. The band's other guitarist, Tony "Toxine" Vargfrost (a.k.a. Tony Kampner) tells BLABBERMOUTH.NET.: "We've found out to get inspiration and philosophically harmony in the band, [the split with Richard.] was necessary."

SEANCE's new lineup is as follows:

Vocals: Johan Larsson.
Guitar: Tony "Toxine" Vargfrost
Guitar: Tomas Andersson.
Drums, Bass: Mique Flesh.

SEANCE's last album, "Awakening of the Gods", was released in 2009 via Pulverised Records.

SEANCE's ball-busting internationally released premiere albums, "Fornever Laid to Rest" (1992, Black Mark Productions) and "Saltrubbed Eyes" (1993, Black Mark Productions) are a heavy dose of metal agression, packed with fury, ferocity, and fatal riffs. Several reviews hail "Saltrubbed Eyes" as one of, if not the most brutal death metal albums to date.

Rimfält and Vargfrost also play in WITCHERY (along with former SEANCE member Patrik Jensen, now with THE HAUNTED) and SEANCE drummer Mique Flesh also plays in FREEVIL.

(via Blabbermouth)

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