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Sons of Aeon - Sons of Aeon (Lifeforce Records)

By: David E. Gehlke

[8/10] The fact Sons of Aeon name-drop Edge of Sanity in their bio says a lot. Since a vast portion of new death metal bands get lost in the margins by trying to chase down Entombed/Dismember, or technical-beyond-belief adventures, the tone in which this Finnish collective takes on their self-titled debut is refreshing. By taking the time to study and honor the sterling songcraft generated on Spectral Sorrows and Purgatory Afterglow, Sons churn out an album that almost instantly, gets the necessary push-off from the slobbering death metal horde.

A quasi-supergroup with members of Code of Silence, Ghost Brigade, and Swallow the Sun (the latter two are Blistering favorites), Sons of Aeon don't cut corners like a lot of all-star death metal combinations. Instead, there's proper onus on the "song," with ample back-and-forth between straightforward death plunges ("Cold Waves," "Seeds of Destruction") and melodic joints, not too far removed from the glory days of Gothenburg ("Wolf Eyes" and instrumental "Black Sheep Process"). While the riffs are hardly flashy (and some tread some generic lines), Sons give enough up on both ends of the spectrum to keep the album fresh, even when the ideas are clearly that of a retread nature.

The album's highlight belongs to "The Centre," an all-acoustic number that combines voiceovers and the pointed bark of Tony Kaikkonen. It's pervasive melodic nature, along with subtle cues taken from Ghost Brigade (one could hear this being a song the Finns would generate) make it an obvious standout, and a perfect diversion from the constant melo-rattle of the album.

It's clear the purpose of Sons of Aeon is not necessarily to try to resuscitate death metal the way other acts of a similar variety have. Rather, it's a partial-homage to the bands that in the grand scheme of things, have been overlooked, which in this case, gives this debut an added edge over the rest of the retread-mongers.

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