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The Resistance - Rise from Treason EP (earMusic)

By: Greg Lenzo

[7/10] When it comes to location-specific genres and traditions within metal, I am without a doubt a diehard fan of the Swedes. Whether itís the sinisterly cavernous death metal of Stockholm, the passionate and intense melodies of Gothenburg melodic death, or any of the stand-alone acts that are genres unto themselves (Meshuggah, Opeth, Katatonia, etc.), Iím just an absolute sucker for all things Sweden. On top of that, when the occasional Swedish-influenced/inclusive supergroup pops up (e.g. Bloodbath) itís hard for me to contain my excitement. And the same holds true for Swedenís newest dream team of heaviness, The Resistance. The bandís lineup is absolutely top-notch, with members boasting past experience in multiple renowned acts including In Flames, Dimension Zero, The Haunted, Carnal Forge and Grave.

Not to be missed within TRís ranks is In Flamesí one-time mastermind Jesper Stromblad, returning from a musical absence brought on by a bout with alcoholism. Thankfully, The Resistanceís Rise from Treason EP sees Jesper swinging the axe with plenty of vitality, with a good number of staple Stromblad riffs scattered across the EPís four tracks. Itís a release combining typical Stockholm speed and grittiness (the deliciously sludgy crunch of the guitar instantly kicks the impact factor up a notch), with Gothenburg melodic moments and hardcore leanings.

ďFace to FaceĒ is easily the EPís best track, galloping along with a vicious swing feel into a melodic chorus and some nicely harmonized leads in the bridge. While itís difficult to find other such memorable moments in the EPís remaining three songs, which lean more heavily toward hardcore styles, itís clear from the energy and sheer angriness of the sound that the seasoned musicians in TR have plenty of fight left in them.

If held to the standard of their fellow membersí previous output, The Resistance as a band still have a long way to go before earning their place among the Swedish greats. But that doesnít mean they wonít. Despite the somewhat generic nature of Rise, itís clear that the group has a wealth of potential that will hopefully be brought to fruition in a full-length sometime soon. And of course, itís more than worthwhile to see Stromblad back in action. Hereís hoping that The Resistance will hold!

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