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Putting A Bow On 2012

Unlike last year when two clear-cut winners came to the forefront (Anthrax and Omnium Gatherum), 2012 proved to be a mixed bag amongst the Blistering staff. We gave top nods to a broad spectrum of bands, ranging from post-rock (Arctic Plateau), vintage thrash (Testament), avant-garde black metal (Ihsahn), all the way to 80’s-inspired melodic metal (Love.Might.Kill). What does this mean? There’s no consensus favorite for the Blistering crew, meaning everyone was a winner in 2012 (very cheesy!). Rather than do a formal tally like we did in 2011, we’ll leave the top spot unattended to. Seems only fitting for a year that was all over the place.

Per the usual, much thanks to you, our faithful readership. You slogged through another year in which we produced 184 features and 770 reviews, thus increasing upon our output from last year. Productivity aside, we hope we were able to provide some sort of beacon in the foggy, but enjoyable year in metal. It seems like with every passing year, the scene grows, surprising partially-skeptical lads like yours truly, while giving us the impetus to do more.

And more we shall do in 2013, for it’s the 15th anniversary of the site. We have all sorts of fun things planned for 2013 in celebration of this feat, including some new features and exclusives, along with having a stroll through our storied archives, of which you'll see old features pop up from time to time. Heck, we might even devote an entire week’s worth of coverage to certain bands, one of which is already confirmed, having the initials of “OG.” Surely you can figure that one out.

With that said, upward and onward we go into 2013!

Yours in metal,

David E. Gehlke & the Blistering staff

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