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The Sticky Boys – True Rock ‘n Roll Warriors

By: Kenneth Gallant

The true spirit of rock ‘n roll will never die out. In fact it is alive and well these days running wild-eyed with such acts like Airborne, Wolfmother, Black Stone Cherry and The Answer. Another entry worth adding to the list is The Sticky Boys. Born in the unlikeliest of places - Paris, France to be exact, The Sticky Boys are sworn to uphold the badge of rock ‘n roll. Fresh off the release of their This Is Rock n Roll debut, I had the chance to sit down and rap with singer/bassist J.-B. Chesnot about all things rock ‘n roll…

Blistering.com: The obvious question I wanted to get to right away was in regards to touring. Will you be planning any dates in the States?

J.-B. Chesnot: To an obvious question I’ll make an obvious answer: We want to tour all over the world, and especially in the US, the cradle of so much of our much beloved rock’n’roll. Nothing planned until now for tours, but we’re ready and willing. This will happen someday soon; it’s just a matter of time.

Blistering.com: I heard you literally atomized Hellfest 2011. Can you elaborate on what went down with the show?

Chesnot: Well, you wouldn’t believe how crazy it was. We were headlining the festival’s opening night, focused on national bands before the main stages opened. This is the first magic moment in the festival, when all the kids that have been waiting for this during one long year finally gather and get to party together like crazy. So everybody was crazy and wild already. But just before we played, a wave of sickness spread over the crowd and more than 6,000 kids came closer and went screaming for rock’n’roll. When we played the first chords of the show, everybody went crazy and sung all the songs along with us, and this went wilder and wilder during one hour of our show. And I can’t tell you how touched and moved we were, since we respect and love this place and this people so truly and deeply…

Blistering.com: You were discovered by the Donnas and Nashville Pussy. Can you tell us how that came about?

Chesnot: Actually these are the first people ever that listened to our rock’n’roll and truly believed in us. They pushed us so hard and gave us such warm support that I think they are the ones who gave us the faith and energy to believe in our mission and bring rock’n’roll and fun to the people. Our first target, of course, was our homeland France. But we’re eager to return to the U.S. and show everybody what we can do now.

Blistering.com: The TV commercial you did for the National Railway Service brought you major attention in France. How did the band get involved in that?

Chesnot: They were looking for a rock’n’roll band that is able to play right and to have fun without taking it too seriously. And they found us on the internet. This is exactly what we do: we make it right, but we make it exactly the way we want. So when they called us and told us about that insane project of heavy metal gig inside one of the biggest railway stations in Paris, we were like “Yeah, sure, let’s have it done.”

Blistering.com: They claim you are three hairy rockers. Any comment there?

Chesnot: I’ve read that somewhere too! Well, that sounds very dirty and rather funny. So, yeah, I guess it fits…

Blistering.com: I totally enjoyed This is Rock N Roll and thought you guys killed it on every track, so how has the reception been for your debut so far?

Chesnot: Thanks for the nice words, we appreciate it. We did our best to give on the album the same energy that you can feel when we play it on stage. And we must say we’re really satisfied with what came up here. The reception has been awesome. I mean, I have heard we’ve been the best hard rock seller this summer. That’s totally crazy. It seems like people needed rock’n’roll bad around here, just like we need it!

Blistering.com: On the song “Fat Boy Charlie,” I swear I hear elements of Motorhead, so is it safe to say they are an influence in your sound?

Chesnot: Yeah, absolutely, Motorhead has been one of our major influences. But come to talk about it, I have to say our influences is rather something that we’ve been listening to since we’re kids, bands that gave us the energy and love to gather together and make music. But when we’re writing music, we never think about one band or the other. Our musical roots are simply so deep inside our hearts, that the influence is obvious in the end. And we just don’t hide it.

Blistering.com: Come to think of it, AC/DC seems like an obvious influence, so is there any other band that inspired you to create the Sticky Boys?

Yeah, like I just said, AC/DC is probably the most obvious influence, why deny it? No use putting lipstick on the pig! They have the fun and groove and magic that moves us. Among others, I’d say that AC/DC, Motorhead, KISS or Twisted Sister is major references for us. They have the spark of craziness and genius that lights the stick of dynamite in our hearts!

Blistering.com: The band Airborne has a similar sound. What do you think of them?

Chesnot: They’re doing great! We’re proud that rock’n’roll bands can make it so good nowadays. I wish them the best luck for the future, and I think they’re currently recording a new album? They have that sacred fire in their selves, that gives them an amazing energy and power on stage, and still they’re obviously enjoying themselves on stage. Cheers to them!

Blistering.com: How did you get signed by Listenable Records?

Chesnot: They had been following the band from afar for a while. And we knew it; they were exactly the kind of structure we wanted to work with: Made of young hard workers, full of dreams and expectations. Exactly the same kind of kids that we are. So we got to play a gig just next to their headquarters and invited them. They love the show, and the talking would start.

Blistering.com: I love the album cover art. The painting is quite animated, so can you tell me who did the artwork and if there was a process as to how the concept was originated?

Chesnot: Well, this kind of music is very close to the universe of comics in some way. Fueled by dream, full of excess and still very true and very sensitive. So the idea of painting us in a comics-style sounded very good. For the artists, we’ve been looking for a comics artist that we liked very much: Matt Martin. We finally found out that he’s a big fan of rock’n’roll music and that he was eager to make an album cover for us!

Blistering.com: Finally, the last question I have you guys. The Mayan calendar tells us the world comes to an end in December, so how do you plan on celebrating the end of the world?

Man we’re gonna get so drunk that on the morning after it takes us hours to realize if the world has come to an end or not…and it better not ‘cause I’m invited to an awesome party on the evening after that.

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