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Motorhead - The World is Ours Vol. 2 (UDR/EMI)

By: David E. Gehlke

[7.5/10] Motorhead would be the first band to tell you that having redundant qualities is part of their inherent charm. You're always getting a variation of a theme with Lemmy and pals, but with that theme comes enough charm, and from charm, comes decade’s worth of albums and touring, busted eardrums, along with gallons of Jack and Coke. And thus The World Is Ours Vol. 2 picks up where its predecessor The World Is Ours Vol. 1 (duh) left off, with festival crowds and high voltage rock and roll being the name of the game. Like it would translate any other way.

Centered around a 17-song headlining set at Wacken 2011, The World Is Ours Vol. 2 doesn't expand upon preceding Motorhead live sets. Rather, it just shuffles the deck a bit via the setlist, even though subsequent appearances caught on tape at Sonicsphere and Rock in Rio all happened within a three month span, so overlap was bound to happen (see: "Killed by Death"). The must-see visual comes when "Bomber" is aired, with the legendary lighting truss swooping over the multi-national crowd; sort of an unexpected spectacle given the normally gut-punch-only feel of a Motorhead show.

Little in terms of extras, save for a flaccid documentary titled "The Adventures of Superfans Robert and Mick" where the two take us on a tour of the Wacken festival crowds. Surely our own #1 festival goer Dan Barkasi could have done the same, albeit with more fanboy-isms and flaunting of the various merchandise he nabs at these festivals. Something more suitable for this type of feature could have entitled spending time with the ever-quotable Mikkey Dee, who many of have forgotten spent time on reality television in Sweden, not to mention his previous gig in King Diamond. Maybe next time.

Naturally, the packaging for The World Is Ours Vol. 2 is fantastic, with a 28-page booklet to go along with the dual audio and visual set, so it's not like collectors will get the shaft from this. If anything, it sets the stage for The World Is Ours Vol. 3. which will probably be out after next album cycle concludes.

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