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Flourishing - Intersubjectivity EP (The Path Less Travelled)

By: David E. Gehlke

[8/10] After making significant headway with 2011’s challenging and distressed The Sum of All Fossils, New York City-based noise gonzos Flourishing have delivered another head-spinner in the form of the three-song Intersubjectivity EP. The power trio of Garret Bussanick (guitars, vocals), Eric Rizik (bass) and Brian Corcoran (drums) are one of the few bands in the noise metal scene able to make their songs entrancing and digestible at the same time, spewing forth billowing grooves and dark, feedback-drenched passages.

More of the same ensues on Intersubjectivity, as opener “A Living Sundial” lunges forward with a black metal approach, not terribly dissimilar to the off-beat and warped sounds of Deathspell Omega or Portal, only done with more recklessness. “The Petrifaction Lottery” is sized up nicely by a jumbled lead portion courtesy of Bussanick, where an out-of-control lead segues into buzzing riffs and a d-beat frenzy. The title track is primarily grindcore-oriented, although Bussanick’s riffs are oftentimes so far out in front of the drums that it seems like the two are trying to play catch up with each other, only to miss each other time and time again.

Certainly on the cusp of something beyond what they started with The Sum of All Fossils, Flourishing displays an exquisite sense of timing and diversion across the three songs that comprise of Intersubjectivity. Funny, Flourishing can do more with three songs than their contemporaries can with an entire album.

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