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Mammoth Mammoth - Vol. III - Hell's Likely (Napalm Records)

By: Greg Lenzo

[7/10] In viewing Mammoth Mammoth’s Facebook page in search of the usual info necessary for completing a proper Blistering review, (record label, background, etc.) I came across the following quote under the band’s “Description” caption: “Mark, you’ll love this band, they’re like Motorhead and AC/DC doing mushrooms with The Butthole Surfers, channeling the Birthday Party at a Black Sabbath concert!” Besides inducing a hearty amount of laughter, the truly wonderful thing about the quote is that it really is the perfect description of MM’s latest release Hell’s Likely; tongue-in-cheek, zero-shits-given, loud as all hell rock n’ roll.

While the band clearly embraces a carefree attitude and a lot of humor in the way they present themselves via social media, that doesn’t necessarily translate directly to their music- Hell’s is full of quality songwriting that incorporates great hooks, driving tempos, and an undeniably killer set of riffs. It’s fun music written by fun people who also happen to be good musicians, and it’s anything but carefree in its attitude, which is more “Fuck yeah” rather than “let’s fuck around.”

There’s not a lot to this album as far as standout tracks go, which does make for a slightly redundant experience when giving this record a spin, but each song really is a lot of fun to listen to. It’s got some blues riffs, some chunkier metal-oriented riffs, some great leads, an old-school distorted bass (gotta love it, especially when it goes solo for an intro), and a drum kit that –wait a second- boasts an un-triggered bass drum. All in all, if you’re in the mood for some no-frills rock that tips a hat to the genre’s greats, check it out. Can someone please get these dudes to tour with Gypsyhawk?

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