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DAMNATIONS HAMMER, the U.K.-based CELTIC FROST-inspired doom metal band, has inked a deal with Sweden's I Hate Records for the release of the group's debut album, "Disciples Of The Hex". Due in early 2013, the CD was recorded at DAMNATIONS HAMMER's own Hammerstein Studios and produced and mixed by Mark Mynett.

"Disciples Of The Hex" track listing:

01. Defiance & Retribution
02. Throne Of Fire
03. Disciples Of The Hex
04. Serpent's Wrath
05. Impaled On The Horns Of Betrayal
06. Harbinger Of Darkness
07. The Hex II
08. Gates To The Necronomicon

Founded in early 2007 by guitarist and vocalist Tim Preston, DAMNATIONS HAMMER also features bassist Andy Whitehead and drummer Steve Leach. The vision of the group was always to create dark, doom-laden music inspired by the avante garde metal of the 1980s.

(via Blabbermouth)

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