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OPHIDIAN I Announces New Guitarist

Icelandic tech-death metallers OPHIDIAN I have announced the addition of guitarist Máni Konráðsson from GRUESOME GLORY to the group's ranks. Máni, who was tapped to replace Unnar Sigurdsson, will make his live debut with the band this Friday, December 14 at the Fjandinn Metal Fest in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Despite hailing from Iceland, a land that doesn't have a strong tradition in heavy music, OPHIDIAN I delivers a crushingly technical and precise death metal sound that can rival with some of the more well-known names in the genre. Their full-length debut, "Solvet Saeclum", contains well-crafted and brutally intense death metal tunes with enough of technical details and complex time signatures to keep Guitar World subscribers fully occupied. However, these tracks aren't overly technical just for the sake of it, as OPHIDIAN I have crafted solid and inspired tunes that not only showcase their advanced musicianship, but are also catchy and capable of resonating in your mind.

While this type of fusion has been attempted with varying degrees of success in the past, OPHIDIAN I really crafted a stunning record that gives us a very refreshing take on the technical death metal genre and should be must a must-have work for fans of OBSCURA, NECROPHAGIST and THE FACELESS.

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