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Adler - Back From the Dead (New Ocean Media)

By: Kenneth Gallant

[8/10] It’s hard to believe how far former Guns ‘N Roses drummer Steven Adler has come over the last few years. Struggling with drug addiction and appearing on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, the enigmatic drummer looked the worse for wear. His life up until that point appeared to be in complete ruin, but all that has changed in a remarkably short period thanks to the formation of his new band, Adler.

Using Steven’s last name as the band‘s moniker’s obviously makes sense given his musical pedigree, but will this help the much maligned drummer find his creative spark once again? Surely it will once you factor in the amazing talents of one Jacob Bunton of Lynam fame as the new lead vocalist and add on guitarist Lonnie Paul into that mix too. What you get is a capable rock trio loaded for bear and ready to take on the world with their debut album, Back From the Dead.

The strongest songs on the record are the single “The One That You Hated,” “Blown Away” and ‘Diamonds”. I mention all three songs because they demonstrate the versatility this trio brings to the table. Bunton also brings amazing range and he provides the quality singing Adler has been seeking for a long time, nailing it on “Own Worst Enemy.” Paul provides some bluesy licks on the title track, and his inspired playing on this disc gives the music distinct flavor.

Ultimately though all roads lead back to Steven Adler, as the musician handles the drums, cowbell, shakers, tambourine, crowbar, shovel and screams. There’s no doubt he is the backbone of the band and amazingly his stability is the key ingredient in keeping his band mates focused and energized. Steven’s choice for band members is impeccable, so he went one step further by hiring Jeff Pilson and Jay Rushton to produce the album. What a coo this turned out to be, and they might just be the true anchors behind the impressive rock sounds to be found here. Back From the Dead is a great start for Adler and it proves he still has that creative spark flowing in his veins. In fact the combination of Adler, Bunton and Paul are electrifying as a trio and it proves that good old fashioned rock ‘n roll is alive and well when these lads get together.

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