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A Perfect Day - A Perfect Day (Frontiers Records)

By: Matt Coe

[7.5/10] In today’s scene, musicians appear to burst with creative energy. Often not shutting off this spout leads to songwriting that may not fit their main bread and butter act. For Labyrinth guitarist Andrea Cantarelli, he started A Perfect Day in 2011 with the intent of combining melodic hard rock with straightforward, aggressive riffing and simpler arrangements. Vocalist Roberto Tiranti (also playing bass in this act) and drummer Alessandro Bissa fill out the lineup, and as a trio the self-titled debut album provides a lot of value for those into the softer side of Labyrinth along with American acts such as Alter Bridge or Shinedown.

Cantarelli combines tranquil acoustic skills with an emotive knack for injecting the right dual electric harmonies- most evident on the power ballad “Long Road to Ruin” where Tiranti also gains the chance to flex his lower, soulful/bluesy abilities during the chorus. The follow up “Alone and Free (Rockblind)” shuffles back and forth between calmer verses and this mid-tempo overdrive stomp that would make Mark Tremonti proud: the circular nature sure to appease those who desire head whipping, frantic audience interaction.

The dramatic flair that combines the acoustic and electric parts in “Under the Same Sun” does have a lot of dynamic sound waves that recall the glory years of Labyrinth with “Return to Heaven Denied,” the instrumental section especially grabbing my ears with its crunchy, off-tempo triplet template. Overall these 10 songs are not so overly Americanized that they wear out their welcome - I do believe these Italians know how to combine their keen sense of melody and classical laden background into these arrangements and keep each song interesting and engaging.

A Perfect Day with their debut album surprise me in a good way, and I think all fans of Labyrinth will not mind this side-project, as the musicianship is still of high caliber while being more commercial-oriented.

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