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Mother Of Ailing DEFTONES Bassist Gives Update On His Condition

According to The Pulse Of Radio, the mother of DEFTONES bassist Chi Cheng has posted a lengthy message online giving an update on Cheng's condition and the possibility of new treatments for him. Cheng has been in a semi-comatose state for more than four years after being seriously injured in a car accident in November 2008. In addition to not recovering full consciousness, Cheng has been in and out of hospitals for various infections as his family has struggled with the mounting costs of care since he lost his health insurance a few months after the accident.

According to Cheng's mother, Cheng is currently living in a rented house and attended by family members and various medical assistants. He is unable to speak, yet can move his legs on command. His family recently had to sell Cheng's childhood home due to legal complications after his father died in April, although they've managed to buy a new one and are waiting for it to be repainted before moving in.

The family is considering stem cell therapy as one possible treatment for Cheng. His brother Ming recently told Revolver, "They don't even do it (stem cell therapy) in the U.S. yet. It's a miracle he's still with us. He's alive and kicking and he's fighting, and I think there's a reason for it. I'm hoping there's a light at the end of the tunnel for Chi."

Despite his several battles with pneumonia, breathing problems and other setbacks, Cheng's mother wrote that her son "seems intent on staying around a while longer. Since you all have been such a huge part of making that possible, we have so much gratitude for your support and prayers . . . The love and compassion that you give Chi and us makes our world such a better place."

DEFTONES have held several benefit concerts and continue to donate money from the band's tours. Singer Chino Moreno said that the group's fans have continued to help as well. "Whatever people can do, it's all appreciated, and it's all just in the hopes that there will be one day where he can talk back and have a conversation and see his kids and, you know, continue on living, you know," he said. "That's what we pray and hope for, you know what I mean, that's all we can do."

DEFTONES issued their seventh studio album, titled "Koi No Yokan", on November 13. The CD entered the Billboard album chart at No. 11 with sales of 65,000 copies.

The disc follows up 2010's "Diamond Eyes" and is the second recorded with bassist Sergio Vega filling in for Cheng.

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