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Sybreed - Awakening the World

By: David E. Gehlke

Blistering.com: Having a strong lyrical concept seems to be a lost art these days, donít you think? How much time and effort do you put into your lyrics?

I don't know if it's a lost art, and thank God there's a lot of good lyricists left, yet it indeed seems to be quite secondary nowadays in metal, or in music in general. However, it's something one doing out of passion: I love writing and taking time crafting meaningful words and sentence, and I usually need one to two months of pure writing for each album not including the research before and the spell-check since English isn't my first language. It takes a lot of time, but I definitely enjoy doing it. Then, I understand why some singers won't bother doing much on that level. It's a question of how one considers themselves as a frontman. I sing because I want to share with other people, to give them a point of view they might relate to or not but that at least they will understand. I guess that if my goal was to be a rock star who would desperately wished to be praised, what I would sing might end up being less important than...well, whatever attention-craving people think is important.

Blistering.com: Clean vocals are again, an important facet of the new album. Yet, they're not done in a conventional way, meaning in the verse (screamed)-chorus (singing) structure. Was this a conscious move, or just a matter of finding the right spot for them?

Actually, if that clean/screamed vocals recipe isn't a new thing anymore since a long time, I always try to not stick the usual routine: as I said earlier I abhor clichťs. So more than trying to give a pop hook to some much too heavy songs to be sold in Walmart, I try to serve the music: if we deserve a big melodic chorus at some point I do it and go full "rock music," if something heavier is needed I will follow the feeling of the song as well. At the end, I try to use my vocals according to the songs we write: if one day I feel like a Sybreed's album don't need any clean vocals, or the opposite, so as to say only singing, I will go with the flow. So, it pretty much a question of "instinct" and how what will fit the most.

Blistering.com: I read that God is an Automation leaked a few weeks before its release. Quite the bummer. How helpless do you feel in such a situation?

It leaked two weeks before the EU release, it was really good compared to The Pulse of Awakening, which has leaked six weeks before the release! And unfortunately there is nothing we can do against it. Internet is the best way to promote music nowadays, but hey, donít steal music and the hard work of the artists. Our goal is not to sell millions of CDís, but at least getting some respects for all the work weíve done.An already released album on the internet is completely normal, but not leaked two months before the release date, thatís completely stupid and it donít promote the band, it ruins the sales, and who says ruined sales, says that itís gonna be really hard for touring.

People that steal music do not know all the other things depending on the sales - venues promoters always ask about sales report, and if they are bad, that means that the concert might not gather the amount of people that promoters needs nowadays. They donít take risks anymore.I download a lot of albums on the Internet, but I always go to buy the product if I like it, even if I own the mp3 for few months. Thatís a kind of respect, and I think a CD is an amazing object! Itís really cool to have the opportunity to hear everything at home without moving on CD shops or whatever, now we have millions of amazing bands to discover via Internet, but play the game correctly, you like it, you buy it, or in other words, you support it! I even buy my own albums sometimes ha-ha.

Blistering.com: Whatís the touring schedule going to look like for the new album?

We just came back from a small European tour with Mnemic and Hatesphere, the new songs went real well on stage, as we expected! As we speak, we are in discussion with promoters and touring agents in Europe, USA and Australia. Nothing is confirmed yet so I can't tell you more, but be sure that we will tour in the beginning of 2013.

Blistering.com: Finally, whatís on the agenda for the rest of 2012, going into 2013?

We will start writing the new album this winter, we are not expecting having it done really quick, but at least we want to start working on it as soon as possible, we would really like to release it before summer 2014. Also, in August of 2013 that will be the tenth birthday of Sybreed, and we would like doing some special shows...we are currently talking about it.


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