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Forgotten Tomb – The Zenith of Discomfort

By: David E. Gehlke

Blistering.com: The cover art is a play on the whole “forbidden fruit” notion, but you’ve made it more ominous than ever before. What drew you to this topic?

I was so out of my mind in that particular moment of my life that I could not work on the artwork on the album directly, just contributed with some ideas and pictures for the inside of the booklet and generally choosing the fonts for the lyrics and approving the final product. Alex (aka Algol), our bass-player, mostly came up with the idea for the front-artwork and I thought it was cool, so he just told our idea to the graphic designer and he came up with the cover. It looks kind of old fashioned, but still different from most of the shit you see on black metal albums nowadays. It basically reflects the title and concept of the album pretty well, it’s about the death of innocence and about delivering your soul to evil, meaning submitting to the dark side of life. I strongly wanted children and young people to be featured in the artwork/booklet ‘cause I like the concept of innocence getting corrupted, so you can find a child on the cover of the CD as well as another child on the cover of the Deprived 7-inch, and pictures of young people hurting themselves in the booklet.

Blistering.com: I’m particularly enamored with “Cold Summer.” It’s one of the longest songs on the album, but it doesn’t feel very long. What’s the story behind this one?

It's a song dealing lyrically with sickness and diseases, physical pain. It was spawned from a particular moment of my life that happened during summer 2011. The title "Cold Summer" obviously sounds as a contradiction but was done on purpose, to create a contrast between how I felt in life (cold) compared to the hotness of that summer. Musically, it's one of the heaviest songs we've ever wrote, I think it might be described as a crossover between some material out of Springtime Depression and some more doomish/sludgy shit. I love the song, it's also one of the first ones I wrote for the album.

Blistering.com: To the untrained ear/less familiar, some could take “Let’s Torture Each Other” the wrong way, as interpreting the song the wrong way. What’s the best way to approach this one?

It depends, musically it's very rockish but still extremely eerie sounding, very cruel. Lyrics deal mostly with my vision of love and relationships nowadays, which is negative and dark as fuck, to say the least. One of the best lyrics I ever wrote.

Blistering.com: “Adrift” has one of your better opening melodic lines, along with some clean vocals, which fit well. Are you becoming more open to using clean vocals?

Not really, there were actually more clean vocals on our previous two albums, though I'm always in for clean vocals, as long as they're needed and fit the music well. We won't certainly force them into an album; it all depends on the mood of the songs.

Blistering.com: You covered “Transmission” by Joy Division and one could see where these guys influenced Forgotten Tomb. Do you think they’re a band that should have gotten more recognition?

I think they got a lot of recognition already, we just wanted to pay our tribute since we love the band and I'm a huge fan of Ian Curtis. Also, that song and Joy Division in general provided the soundtrack for most of my days during last year so it felt so natural to cover them.

Blistering.com: Finally, what’s on the agenda going into 2013?

We will be touring with Enthroned and Impiety in between November and December and then possibly tour again next year, as well as playing single shows and summer festivals in 2013. We are also working on a DVD, a video clip and possibly starting to write some new material, we'll see what happens.

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