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LORDI Documentary In The Works

Finnish production company Illume Oy has acquired exclusive rights to make a film about Finnish heavy metal monsters LORDI. The film follows the band and its leading man, Mr. Lordi, behind the scenes for the first time. It will include new archive material from Tomi Putaansuu's childhood and from the very birth of the band twenty years ago.

The international project's premiere is planned for spring 2014. Filming has taken place in Finland and elsewhere in Europe as well as in the U.S. Development support has come from Finnish funders and also from the MEDIA programme of the European Union.

The director, Antti Haase, is an award winner, for example, Film Australia Documentary Award and LuleŚ Art Bienniale. Producers for Illume Oy are Venla Hellstedt and Jouko Aaltonen.

Haase says: "When we were children, Mr. Lordi was the one and only friend who passionately wanted to be a monster. I believe that Lordi's story will appeal to everyone who refuses to give up their dreams, despite the greatest obstacles."

Mr. Lordi says: "We wanted to lift the curtain on the band's image at long last and enlighten the reality behind the masks and the costumes that is sometimes not so glamorous. Never before have we let cameras in to follow our life so closely. Antti is the best director for this film, because he knows where the band and I spring from. Our childhood homes are just a few hundred meters apart in Rovaniemi, Lapland."

For more information, visit www.lordifilm.com.

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