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Bison B.C. - Lovelessness (Metal Blade Records)

By: Dan Barkasi

[5/10] As fans of stoner/sludge metal know, there are about 4,994,472 Mastodon clones out there. It’s gotten to be a tad much. Now, even the band’s names are becoming game for mimicry. Black Tusk is one; though get a pass, as they’re pretty proficient at what they do. Now, we have Bison B.C. leaching off of Mastodon’s pre-historic name. Can it be more obvious?

However – just like with Black Tusk – the benefit of the doubt must be given. They could be good, you know? Unfortunately for this guy’s poor ears, there isn’t much to work with here.

Lovelessness is all very tired and grips to a sound that is so used that it reeks like a pair of high top Reebok’s from the 80s. This is Mastodon worship at its not so proficient. Opening track “An Old Friend” uses the same riffs and leads being played over and over and over again to an almost maddening effect. When track one almost puts you down for the count, it isn’t good. “Anxiety Puke/Lovelessness” picks up the pace a bit and is definitely better than the previous track. Unfortunately, the repetitiveness rears it’s head after about a minute, and the rest of the over nine minutes is a bit of a drag. “Blood Music” contains a few bright moments, too, but again is plagued by the same issues the rest of the songs have – it’s on the dull side and makes one sleepy.

With the market being so over saturated with these kinds of bands, one tends to become very discerning when sifting through the pile. Bison B.C. simply is run-of-the-mill, donning a style that has been done many times, and most notably, has been done so much better. Skip this one, folks.

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