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Illdisposed - Sense the Darkness (Massacre Records)

By: Dan Barkasi

[8/10] These Danes have been smacking us around with their very heavy melodically inclined death metal for a good long time. While they don’t really belong with the pure melodic death crowd, they do offer doses of melody to which is a predominately more straightforward sound. And they do this very, very well. Hence being one of the main reasons they’ve been one of those bands yours truly can always go to for certain enjoyment.

The rate that they’ve been putting out new discs has also been impressive (five in the last seven years). The best part? No dip in quality. No writer’s block for this five-piece. These dudes know what they’re doing, there’s no doubt in that.

“Eyes Popping Out” sounds just like the title – unrelenting. The vocals sound especially gut wrenching – in the best way possible – courtesy of the unique rasp of Bo Summer (also of the severely underrated Panzerchrist). “Stop Running” is a piece of riff madness, while “I Am Possessed” has the most daunting presence of any track on offer. Another Kingdom Dead” is a gem that is so damn heavy that it would make any annoying hipster want to burn their flannel shirts and cry.

Also notable is that the usage of atmospheric keyboards is almost non-existent here, unlike their previous disc There Is Light (But It’s Not For Me). Those keys worked on the previous album, however, they decided to be a bit more bare bones here, which actually worked out quite well for them. It’s nice that Sense the Darkness isn’t all simple audible punishment – there’s a good bit of searing leads and well-timed melodies to add some rich dynamic. As mentioned previous, this is an element that separates a band like this from the boring garbage that a lot of death metal bands are upchucking these days. Simply put, it’s what makes them Illdisposed.

If you want some good ole’ death metal that is punchy and has a little bit of tasteful melody, Illdisposed is a band for you. Anybody who digs heavy music should locate something positive from this band’s catalogue, and Sense the Darkness is another in a string of consistent quality from a band that is doing anything but slowing down. Check it and break something (preferably a hipster).


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