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CORONER: Behind-The-Scenes Footage From Ukraine's GASOLINE FEST

Reunited Swiss thrash trio CORONER has posted behind-the-scenes footage from its September 8, performance at the Gasoline Fest at Stereoplaza in Kiev, Ukraine. Check it out below.

CORONER in July released the first teaser for its forthcoming DVD. The career-spanning double DVD will contain a ton of material from the archives and a full-length concert from the band's reunion shows in 2011-2012. A 2013 release is expected.

In a 2011 interview with ThrashHead, CORONER drummer Marquis Marky (a.k.a. Marky Edelmann) was asked whether the band has given any thought to possibly about getting back into the studio and recording a new album. "No, we [haven't]," he replied. "Because there are several reasons for this. The main problem is that we all have daily jobs. Ron [Royce; bass/vocals] is working for a company, I work for an art collector, I have a family and a little daughter, I am just not as free as I used to be, I can't just say, 'Well, I am going to be in the studio for a month,' I can't cancel my job for that, I can't be away from my family for that long. And Tommy [Vetterli, guitar], with his studio, is extremely busy all the time. I think it's just an illusion if we say we'll make a new album, because it would take such a long time. Of course, we can try to do that, but it would take maybe three or four years or something....that would be just strange, you know, to produce in this way, that you say, 'Let's wait three weeks, and then we come together and put together the second song, drums,' or something like that. For me, you have to be a band, you have to be somewhere else, away from everything, you have to be together for three weeks or whatever in one studio, just to get through one piece... that's the way we always did it... This is just not possible [to pull off right now]."

Originally part of the road crew for fellow countrymen CELTIC FROST, CORONER went on to become one of the most progressive extreme metal acts of the Eighties.

The connection between the Zurich band and CELTIC FROST was so strong, in fact, that CELTIC FROST frontman Tom G. Warrior offered to handle vocals for the emerging band's demo. Warrior and CORONER entered Switzerland's Magnetix studio on October 10, 1985, and nine days later they walked out with the impressive four-song 1986 release, "Death Cult".

While subsequent bootlegged CDs included the bonus tracks of "Arrogance in Uniform" and "Hate, Fire, Blood", the original four-track demo consisted of the following tracks: "Spectators of Sin", "Spiral Dream", "Aerial Combat" and "The Invincible". (Only "Spiral Dream" would make it onto CORONER's 1987 debut LP, "R.I.P.")

According to The BNR Metal Pages, CORONER "progressed from the raw speed of 'R.I.P.' to the more laidback style of 'Grin', releasing five albums (not counting the semi-compilation 'Coroner' album) that are all different and yet all are undeniably related, and undeniably CORONER. The band called it a day in 1994, actually before the release of 'Coroner', with Marky Edelmann joining APOLLYON SUN and Tommy T. Baron going to KREATOR, though neither is still with those bands."

(via Blabbermouth)

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