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IWRESTLEDABEARONCE Releases Interactive 'Choose Your Own Destiny' Unlock For 'Button Up' Music

IWRESTLEDABEARONCE has released a music video for their track "Button It Up", but in order to access the clip, fans must choose the correct path on the video's "Choose Your Own Destiny" unlock.

Upon receiving a VHS tape containing the unseen music video for "Button It Up", guitarist Steven Bradley is kidnapped by a psychotic IWRESTLEDABEARONCE fan before he can make his way back to the band house to view the video. Follow this link to pick the two band members you want to follow, see them save Steven and watch the video! (Or choose the wrong path to see the gruesome death of Steven Bradley and the demise of IWRESTLEDABEARONCE)

Currently out on the U.S. leg of the "Ruining Earth for Everybody" world tour, IWRESTLEDABEARONCE will take a detour for the premiere of their debut theatrical release, "A Beary Scary Movie". Presented by Under The Gun Review, the film will be shown in Somervilla, Massachusetts on Wednesday, November 7 at the Somerville Theater. The event is free and has limited seating, so fans are encouraged to get to the theatre early.

"A Beary Scary Movie" is scheduled for release on November 6. The film was written and directed by Justin Beasley of KOTK Productions and features the musical stylings and acting debut of IWRESTLEDABEARONCE. The horror-comedy follows the tale of Shreddy the deranged guitarist from legendary '80s hair metal band WHITE VULTURE who comes straight from hell murdering bands one by one by hacking them to pieces. Now it's up to Steven, Mikey, John, Krysta and Ricky to make it out alive. The film also features an impressive cast, including M. Shawn "Clown" Crahan, Larry Parks, John Dillion, Phillip Wright, Jim Babel, Charlie Huffman and Kelly Keodara, with a special appearance by Jake Busey.

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