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Die Hard - Conjure the Legions (Agonia Records)

By: Mike Sloan

[7.5/10] Welcome to the party, pal! Or, in this case, pals. Enter Die Hard, a thrashy kind of punky death rock band from Sweden and their second full-length album Conjure the Legions. What the listener has in store for him or her is 38 minutes of pure, raging punk-fused death rock in the realm of Venom, Midnight, Gravehill, etc, though Die Hard isn’t a clone of either band.

The music sports a robust production and they deliver some beefy riffs to coincide with simple, yet powerful drumming. In fact, the entire album is surprisingly catchy and worthwhile, even though they’ve come up with one of the lamest names one could ever think of for a band. However, their music more than makes up for their assumed moniker and Conjure the Legions shouldn’t be too difficult to spread through the metal world like a virus.

Considering they blend elements of many different metal genres, they are suitable for virtually anyone. Die Hard never goes the fancy/finesse route, either, and they never try to be some sort of overly-technical trio. Rather, they simply play balls-out rock-soaked metal and they sound like they’re having a blast and not giving a hoot what anyone thinks. The only minor drawback is that Harry’s pipes aren’t as vitriolic as they could be. He tends to simply go with the flow rather than really letting loose with some anger or venom with his delivery. Still, he does a serviceable job and one that certainly doesn’t ruin the album.

A surprise entrant for sure, Conjure the Legions has more than enough to offer to the masses. They’re Keep It Simple Stupid approach is inviting and methinks this band is even stronger in the live setting. Definitely worth checking out if you’re an open-minded metalhead who fancies himself a fan of thrash, death, punk, rock, old school, crossover (even some Emperor in the fetal stages of “Antichrist”), etc. When it comes to the best genres of metal, these guys hit all the right marks and they hit them well.


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