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Millions - Failure Tactics (Seventh Rule)

By: Mike Sloan

[6/10] Wow… someone should have asked the guys within this Chicago-based group if they were 100% certain they wanted to name their band what they did. Without question one of the most puzzling and downright stupid band names ever, Millions is here to unleash their latest full-length Failure Tactics.

For starters, Millions plays a mixture of different forms of metal but their primary style is more along the lines of industrial fiends like Ministry and My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, though they aren’t anywhere near as great as Ministry while easily better than MLWTTKK. With that said, there are plenty of repeated, machine-like riffs, scratchy vocals that are largely in the background and drums that sound programmed, though they aren’t.

Admittedly I am not the biggest fan of industrial and even less a fan of industrial metal, so Millions instantly has that working against them. Songs from bands within this subgenre tend to wear out their welcome almost immediately and for the most part, the same fate lies within some of ten songs on Failure Tactics. What Millions has in their favor, however, is that they do have some catchy, angry riffs like the main one that courses through the infectious “Shipwreck” (easily the album highlight) and the Minor Threat-esque “Pervert.”

Millions is not a terrible band by any means. In fact, fans of this genre of metal will probably eat Failure Tactics up like an aardvark at an ant colony. They have some hard, vitriolic, and downright catchy riffs in spots throughout the album, but for the most part they rely too heavily on their industrial-sized influences, which is something I’m just not that into.

Maybe it’s unfair for a metal snob such as myself to review it, but those are the cards we have been collectively dealt. Fans of industrial-infused metal should definitely check this one out as you’ll probably dig it. If you’re like me, don’t bother.

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