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Absvrdist - Illusory (Self-Released)

By: Mike Sloan

[8/10] Exploding out of San Antonio, Texas comes the debut full-length from Absvrdist, the duo of Marlon Friday (Erzebet) on guitars/bass/vocals and Lyle Cooper (The Faceless, Hordes of the Morning Star, Erzebet) on drums/vocals. Illusory absolutely shreds the listenerís face from start to finish with its blackish grindcore, though the band infuses many other styles in their cornucopia of seething chaos.

Absvrdist mix elements of Nasum, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Fuck the Facts and many others over the course of 15 songs that last only 26 minutes. Illusory is a relenting killing machine that bombards the listener at every turn, though the album thankfully isnít just a blast beat marathon with no direction. Like the best of this genre, Absvrdist mix together riffs laden with catchy hooks, some classic grindcore breakdowns made famous and perfected by Napalm Death, and, of course, blistering speed and aggression.

The blasts are numerous and the riffage is savage, but the album never grows stale. Even though many of the songs follow a similar blueprint to the ones before and after, theyíre terse enough and loaded with hooks to always keep things interesting. Absvrdist throw in some nifty, off-kilter patterns to their songs like the sporadic drum rolls of ďAmongst HumansĒ and the melodic final ten seconds of the title track.

In the end, Illusory is not an album that reinvents the wheel or figures out a better way to slice bread. However, what the band lacks in sheer originality they make up for with crushing, catchy mostly grindcore songs that simply kick ass. They arenít as complex as The Dillinger Escape plan or as brutal as Nasum, and they certainly arenít on the same level as Napalm Death (then again, nobody is). Regardless, Absvrdist have unleashed one hell of a debut album that will certainly be responsible for many a sore neck for months to come. For anybody who likes grindcore, some black metal, and a few touches of brutal hardcore, Illusory will not disappoint. Definitely worth scooping up, this is.

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