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Korpiklaani, Tyr, Moonsorrow - August 31, 2012 - Peabody’s, Cleveland, OH

By: Dan Barkasi


Not soon after my Summer Breeze excursion – review forthcoming – it was back to catching domestic shows here in the good old US of A. A trek to the usual Cleveland stomping grounds of Peabody’s yielded this very solid lineup of folk metal goodness.

After a stop at Melt Bar & Grilled – one of the best sandwich stops one will ever visit, and fast becoming a usual stop for Cleveland shows – it was off to Peabody’s for the night’s shenanigans.

Tonight was also a reunion of sorts, as a bunch of very awesome fellow passengers of the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruises were coming to this show. A bunch of friendly faces always enhance the enjoyment of a show, and this was no exception. But, you’re not here for my sentimentality. You’re here for the tunes!

First up – for this guy, at least, as the other openers were missed – were the Finnish marvels Moonsorrow. These guys have been around for a good while, and they seem to further hone their potent sonic offerings with every release. Their live shows match up to the high quality of their recorded output, with the band always putting on a war paint-filled performance as focused as any. And they were the loudest band of the night by a wide margin. As such, they literally roared through their brief 30-minute slot. Mitja Harvilahti’s guitar wizardry was especially in full force this evening, though the rest of the band were equally effective, forming a huge wall of blackened folk sounds. Easily the most in your face show of the evening, and one that got the packed crowd into frenzy.

Tyr were next, and they are far and away a personal favorite in the folk genre. These stalwarts from the Faroe Islands have a knack for songwriting and boast a live presence that most don’t achieve. The guys kicked off with “Flames of the Free” from their latest disc The Lay of Thrym, which was a good way to start their 45-minute set. “Sinklars Visa” was another set highlight, along with the highly addicting and two most anthem-like tracks in the band’s catalogue “Hold the Heathen Hammer High” and “By the Sword in My Hand.” These guys are so precise and always put on a show full of zest, which always gets the crowd to sing every lyric along with them. Guitarist/lead vocalist Heri Joensen is one happy dude on stage, constantly smiling and singing his heart out. Tyr keeps on improving with age. Certain band of the evening for this guy. Hope to see a headliner in the near future.

Headlining the show was the Finnish folk/drinking metal troupe Korpiklaani. Alas, a good portion of their set was spent catching up with a lot of people that hadn’t been seen in a very long time, but usual standouts of silliness such as “Beer Beer” and “Vodka” were amongst their lengthy set. Always fun, and always drunk – never once have I seen a member of this band sober – Korpiklaani are a fun, but predictable, bunch. Not the best band of the night, but as gleefully consistent as they come.

Another great, sweaty night at a sweltering Peabody’s was again in the books. Equally awesome bands and people made the night one not to forget. I’ll take bands like these that constantly deliver any day of the week, and certainly look forward to seeing them all again in the future. Who wouldn’t? A good time is guaranteed!

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