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FEN Completes Work On New Album

U.K. progressive black metallers FEN completed work on their third full-length CD, "Dustwalker", and have renewed their contract with Code666 Records for an additional three albums. The follow-up to 2011's "Epoch" is due in early 2013.

FEN frontman The Watcher recently told Zero Tolerance magazine about the forthcoming effort, "'Dustwalker' is a starker, more focused musical expression than the previous FEN releases. With this new album, we have distilled the key elements of our sound into a journey through abandonment and dislocation both from the self and the material world."

Formed initially as a studio project in 2006, FEN draws its inspiration from the windswept, desolate landscape of England's Fen region after which the band was named. By fusing the cold rage of black metal with more reflective influences, FEN succeeds in creating a deeply intense, atmospheric, almost otherworldly sound, redolent of loss and melancholic yearning.

Stated The Watcher about the new contract: "We have been happy with the way we've been treated by Code666 in respect of the first three albums, and were impressed by the enthusiasm that the label has always shown for FEN and the faith they have placed in us, so it was logical for us to continue a relationship that was obviously working well".

FEN is set to appear at the three-day Winter Is Coming festival in New London, Connecticut on October 13, marking the band's first appearance in the USA. Their next European appearance will be at the Aurora Infernalis festival in Arnhem, Netherlands on October 27.

(via Blabbermouth)

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