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ULTIMATUM: 'Heart of Metal - 20 Years Of Ultimatum' Details Revealed

New Mexico thrash metallers ULTIMATUM have completed recording four brand new tracks that will be included on the band's 20th-anniversary release entitled "Heart of Metal - 20 Years Of Ultimatum". The remainder of the CD will consists of a selection of tracks that encompass the band's back catalog as suggested and voted on by their fans.

"Heart Of Metal - 20 Years Of Ultimatum" track listing:

01. Blood On A Thousand Hills (4:02)
02. Scattered (Body Parts) (3:58)
03. Hook Line & Sinker (5:50)
04. Rip 'N' Tear (4:02)
05. Heart Of Metal (remix) (4:40)
06. Locked In Chains (remix) (3:12)
07. Mortal Stomp (2008) (5:32)
08. Blink (2007) (remix) (2:43)
09. Deathwish (5:51)
10. One For All (5:24)
11. Into The Pit (3:08)
12. Temple Of The Spirit (3:20)
13. Crash Course (5:33)
14. Never (4:03)
15. Puppet Of Destruction (4:19)
16. Gutterbox (5:02)
17. Darkest Void (3:59)
18. Symphonic Extremities (4:31)

The cover artwork was created by David Besanson and can be seen below.

"Heart of Metal - 20 Years Of Ultimatum" will also be released in a limited-edition Ultimatum 20th Anniversary Roxx Boxx. Packaged in a deluxe foil-stamped box and limited to 100 hand-numbered copies, it will include:

1. "Heart Of Metal - 20 Years Of Ultimatum" CD (The new CD with exclusive new tracks from ULTIMATUM. Includes a 12-page, full-color booklet.)

2. "Before The Pit" (exclusive Roxx Boxx CD with alternative takes and demo versions of songs from "Into the Pit")

3. "Puppet Of Destruction" (Remastered & Expanded) (the first 15 Roxx Boxx sets will contain a bonus two-disc version with the "Fatal Delay" demo)

4. "Ultimatum Live at Extreme Mardi Gras" and "Live At Up From The Ashes III" and the video clip for "Heart Of Metal" compiled on one specially made DVD

5. Limited-edition Roxx Signature Series guitar pick #5 featuring Robert Guttierez of ULTIMATUM

6. Woven ULTIMATUM patch

7. Four exclusive Roxx Boxx inserts, personally autographed by the individual bandmembers

For more information, visit www.roxxproductions.com.

(via Blabbermouth)

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