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DEATH RAY VISION, the new project featuring SHADOWS FALL frontman Brian Fair, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE bassist Mike D'Antonio and former OVERCAST/SEEMLESS guitarist Pete Cortese, has inked a deal with Bullet Tooth, the label run by Trustkill Records founder Josh Grabelle. The band's debut album is tentatively due in 2013.

"Josh Grabelle has the capacity to get our record out to more people then we can reach on our own," D'Antonio tells Metal Insider. "It also doesn't hurt that he is an old friend and is really excited about DEATH RAY VISION. What more could you want?"

Adds Grabelle: "I'm a huge fan of SHADOWS FALL, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and OVERCAST. I first met Brian Fair in 1995 at an OVERCAST show in Erie, Pennsylvania. I've been friends with Mike D. for years as well. Mike D. told me he had started a new band and I already knew it was gonna be awesome, and it was! I was honored they thought of me and Bullet Tooth and I know we will knock it out of the park together."

According to D'Antonio, the DEATH RAY VISION songs "are much easier to write than KILLSWITCH ENGAGE songs for me, and I can be a bit more old-school in my approach. This style comes very natural to me because I grew up on CRO-MAGS, AGNOSTIC FRONT, MADBALL, LEEWAY and BAD BRAINS. When I want to write, I throw these inspirations on and get to it."

DEATH RAY VISION's "Get Lost Or Get Dead" EP was released last year. The CD was recorded in March 2011 at Mad Oak Studio in Allston, Massachusetts with Benny Grotto (MOTHERBOAR, SLAPSHOT, ACARO, DRESDEN DOLLS) at the helm.

"For our first release, we wanted to have a huge-sounding record with modern production but still maintain the energy and rawness of the old-school hardcore seven-inches that influence the formation of the band," Fair explained at the time. "We kept it simple with minimal overdubs, layers and Pro Tools magic that is becoming all to common in music today. We just set up, hit record and let it rip."

DEATH RAY VISION made its live debut on April 8, 2011 at the Vegas Lounge in Lunenburg, Massachusetts.


Brian Fair - Vocals
Mike D'Antonio - Bass
Pete Cortese - Guitar
Zack Wells - Guitar
Colin Conway - Drums

(via Blabbermouth)

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