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Saint Diablo - Saint Diablo (Eclipse Records)

By: David E. Gehlke

[5.5/10] Does anyone remember Puya? The once-heralded Latin metal band that was supposed to take the metal world by storm, just like Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez and friends did to the pop world around 1999? It’s funny how hyped bands get just because they’re associated with a current popular music trend, and unfortunately, Puya wasn’t able to stay afloat for very long, bombing out after two albums and an Ozzfest appearance. Saint Diablo are a similarly-styled band as Puya, just with more muscle, but even less direction. Like a chicken with its head cut off, basically.

On their self-titled album, this Saint Fredericksburg, VA crew take a mish-mash of nu metal ideas and try to gloss them over with staccato-core. Problem is, this could be one of the most porous production jobs to hit the skids in recent memory, with a noticeably absent mix job (the drums at various points, are lost altogether) and the overbearing vocals Tito Quinones, who proves to be both monotone and unable to find the proper key. It’s almost like Quinones locked everyone out of the control room when the final mixing was taking place. Comedic.

The clunky nu metal drivel of “S.E.E.,” “Watch Me Kill,” and “Smiley Face On the Rocks” are at best, demo-quality songs. Therefore, someone needs to sit the guys down, usher them into a garage somewhere, and force them to rehearse for hours on end. That’s the only way any sort of cohesion could be made out of an album that frankly, sounds like a high school band’s first practice reel.


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