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Hordes of the Morning Star - Consummatum Est Reissue (Metalhit.com)

By: Mike Sloan

[7/10] Originally released in 2010 as a digital-only album, the debut full-length from Hordes of the Morning Star is an enjoyable listen, if not one that is entirely fresh or groundbreaking. The San Antonio-based trio once again delivered Consummatum Est, but this version has been re-recorded and now available in physical form of a digipak CD.

Sporting a robust production that captures every instrument just enough, Consummatum Est is a borderline whirlwind of American black metal that is rife with a smoldering mixture of both death metal and a bit of thrash. Hordes of the Morning Star also have intertwined a few doses of melodies and atmosphere within each song, but they havenít overdone it or made it the focal point of their delivery.

Similar in many ways to the more notable fiends of the cleaner/thrashier subgenre of black metal like Thulcandra (sans the technical prowess) and Unlight (just not as violent), Hordes of the Morning Star rip the listener a new one with each passing song on the album. Though each song has enough strength to keep the listener attentive, there isnít one real crown jewel that stands out in front of the bloated pack that is metal music. Also, the songs do tend to blend a bit into one another, so after a while the album sounds a bit too similar. Luckily Consummatum Est isnít an album that drags on and on, so it never grows stale.

In the end, Hordes of the Morning Star have enough talent in the roster that theyíll expand upon their sound and approach with each coming album. Consummatum Est is already two years old so it shouldnít be much more time before full-length number two is introduced to the world. If Hordes of the Morning Star tweak a few things here and there, whatever the follow-up to this one is, it certainly should be a monster.


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