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Weapon - Embers and Revelations (Relapse Records)

By: Mike Sloan

[7/10] There needs to be some sort of global law passed to prevent bands from naming themselves what other bands have named themselves. In the case of Weapon, this particular Weapon from Alberta, Canada (the most popular of all the Weapons), they share their name with at least four other Weapons (from the USA, UK and Portugal and other from Canada; all but the USA-based Weapon are still releasing music) and there are countless other bands with “weapon” in their name. Weapon 13, Weapon-X, Deadly Weapon… you get the point.

Moving on, this Weapon has just released Embers and Revelations, a decent little slab of blackish death metal. Their third full-length, Weapon continues down the path they’ve been travelling on since the start and that is to create and deliver a fast-paced attack of death metal that hinges sometimes on thrash, sometimes on black metal. Not much has changed in terms of delivery or song structure, so fans of this Weapon should be pleased when they plop Embers and Revelations into their CD player.

After the explosive “The First Witnesses of Lucifer,” Weapon unleash their best single track to date in “Vanguard of the Morning Star.” It’s a whirlwind of double bass, mesmerizing guitars and one hell of a catchy underlying riff throughout. It ebbs and flows in different directions yet it maintains a perfect balance in order to prevent it from going off track.

However, though “Crepuscular Swamp, Unhinged Swine” is a solid track, the rest of the album slowly grows a bit tedious because the rest of the songs all tend to bleed into each other. There isn’t a hint of the diversity found on “Vanguard of the Morning Star” throughout the remaining five songs. Also, Weapon tend to rely too heavily on The Disciple’s double bass. That attack fills every song to its gills and because the production has made the kick drum so audible, it drowns out the rest of the instruments.

In all, Embers and Revelations is a decent album with one hell of a song. But the rest of it is just ordinary death metal with no real focus or memorable qualities. While it’s not a lousy album by any means, it just doesn’t offer anything of real value considering there are so many other options available at one’s fingertips.



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