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Malignancy - Eugenics (Willowtip Records)

By: Mike Sloan

[6.5/10] This is not the Malignancy from Texas, the other Malignancy from Texas, the Malignancy from Italy, or the Malignancy from Germany. Then again, all four of those Malignancy bands have either a.) released only a demo, b.) broke up around 1990 or so or c.) both. This Malignancy, the one from Yonkers, New York, is safe.

One drawback to this Malignancy is the fact that they are one of the most inactive bands going today. They’ve been around since 1992 but this is only their third full-length album. They had the Intrauterine Cannibalism in 1999 after a series of demos and then Inhuman Grotesqueries in 2007, and now in 2012 we have Eugenics. For those who have one or both of their previous releases, Malignancy hasn’t strayed too far from their Immolation/Gorguts/Suffocation-esque roots.

Whether that is a positive or a negative is based solely on personal taste and opinion.

Malignancy play brutal technical death metal and they are relentless. Their goal is to catch the listener off-guard, shove their album down his throat, plant their seed in his chest, and by the time the album is almost finished, that seed bursts out of said chest akin to the glorious little fiend from the Alien movies. Malignancy does a good job of this because their rabid approach to death metal does the job… in terms of being savage and barbaric.

On the downside, like all of Gorguts and virtually all of Immolation’s entire catalogue, the music of Malignancy doesn’t have much to offer aside from being savage and barbaric. There is little in terms of song structure and a catchy riff or memorable hook is nowhere to be found. The ten songs on Eugenics are virtually impossible to differentiate from one another and about halfway through, tedium sets in to the tenth degree. Considering that two of the members are linked to Mortician (Roger Beaujard on bass and Ron Kachnic on guitars), this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

A few things in Malignancy’s favor are that the album is a hair longer than a half hour and their sound is raw and old school like as if this first came out in 1992. Other than that, Eugenics just doesn’t offer much in terms of it being a memorable album; it’s more paint-by-numbers brutal death metal than anything. It doesn’t suck, but it’s nothing that has to be scooped up.

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