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NettleCarrier - NettleCarrier (Indie Recordings)

By: Mike Sloan

[7/10] Well, it certainly took this Norwegian black metal outfit long enough to get things in line so they could release their debut album. NettleCarrier has been around since 2004 but itís taken this long to finally get their debut out, the aptly titled NettleCarrier. Whatever the case may be for the band to take so long to grace the world with their material (they had a single come out five years ago), the wait is arguably worth it, but that depends on what sort of black metal one prefers.

With NettleCarrier, they play a rather straight forward, primitive style of Norwegian black metal, the kind that fans of 1349, some mid-era Darkthrone, early Satyricon, a little Aura Noir, etc. would enjoy. Though NettleCarrierís approach and ensuing delivery of said style of black metal is nowhere near the same level as the aforementioned acts, they do possess the ability to create quality old school sounding Norwegian black metal.

With that said, one will be treated to a blitzkrieg of hyper riffage, blast beats, a cold sounding production and raspy, anger-laced vocals. Speed is the norm within the seven tracks here, and though the album clocks in at 38 minutes, it seems to fly by.

NettleCarrier sports a raw, almost primitive production but itís clean enough that everything can be heard at full blast, which benefits bends of this nature. They donít dip too much into the realm of experimentation and the vast majority of their tracks are delivered in overdrive, though there are some elements of slower, more atmospheric nuances throughout the albumís entirety.

NettleCarrier certainly isnít breaking any new boundaries as their release is nothing original or unique. However, they do play this style of black metal well and it should find a home in many a ďkvltĒ black metal fiendís collection and icy heart. Fans of black metal with a more adventurous side will opt to stay away from this because it offers literally nothing that hasnít been heard 666 thousand times before. Still, itís solid for what it is; a nice side quest in the bloated world of traditional Norwegian black metal.

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