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Graviators - Evil Deeds (Napalm Records)

By: Kenneth Gallent

[7.5/10] The country of Sweden has produced some interesting musical acts over the years. Old-school death metal and in particular, the melodic touch of the Gothenburg sound is probably the most notable movement thriving from the country. There’s also another genre recently on the rise and it leans more towards the vintage side of classic rock, thanks in large part to the heavy fuzz of 70’s music. Already we have a band like Graveyard bursting onto the scene and now Graviators has claimed a stake in this game, too.

The band have recorded and released Evil Deeds (album #2) for Napalm Records and this is a definite time warp back into the 70’s. Many of the songs are brimming with a serious groove, layered with fresh sounds of stoner/doom rock and exhibiting that fuzz busting heaviness to round out this eclectic style. At times, the rock subtleties act as an undercurrent throughout this release, but it gets lively on tracks like “Infidel” and then spaz out completely on a track like “Morning Star.” It’s so upbeat at times, but when the heavy rock riffs waft before your ears something special is taking place.

This is modern heavy stoner rock that delivers the goods through and through. There are plenty of psychedelic guitar solos pushing tracks like “Evil Deeds” and “Soulstealer” into head rushing beats with a slight doom atmosphere. Then there is also that odd track like “Presence” that slows things down a bit, but switches over to a more prog rock vibe. I like the fact it takes a song like this to throw things off course from the 70’s sound projected on this release, but don’t let that fool you. Evil Deeds is a bona fide entry into the heavy/melodic form of bands like The Sword and Witchcraft who forge a similar style.

I think what sets Graviators apart a bit though, is how the production is quite crisp and very clear. It allows for this recording to be direct, and culminate into that ultimate mix of heavy, yet melodic metal. This is definitely an album worth purchasing, especially for anyone who feels music of this caliber does justice to bands like Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus. This is spot on stoner/doom metal.

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