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Process of Guilt - Feast or Famine

By: David E. Gehlke

Blistering.com: With that in mind, what types of expectations did you place on yourself during the writing of «Fæmin»? Did you hit any walls in the creative process?

Our only expectations were concerned with writing a solid record that could take us a step forward and that could be also a true representation of where we're at right now, as far as music goes. Nevertheless, it was, indeed, a hard journey. We ended up going in circles with some riffs and songs that didn't make it until the studio. But the ones that persisted throughout the creative stage were played the right number of times until we were certain that those riffs and patterns would be a faithful representation of what Process of Guilt stands for. Right now I can look backwards and see that there was a particular state of mind where we were at the time when we wrote «Fæmin», and I only wish return soon to that same framework.

Blistering.com: Upon listening to the album in its entirety, all the way through, it really feels like one unified piece. Is that how it’s meant to be experienced?

Yes, that's the best way to experience «Fæmin». Early in the writing period, we were already working on the idea that all the songs should be interleaved without gaps. But it was only after a couple of months, when we identified a very distinct and underlying tension between some riffs we were playing that we decided that all the tracks should be experienced as a unified piece. This being the main reason that led us to the conclusion that «Fæmin» would be comprised of these five tracks only.

Blistering.com: Getting Andrew Schneider to mix the album was a smart move. The album sounds absolutely crushing. What made you go with him?

We already knew Andrew's work mainly from the latest releases of bands such as Unsane, Rosetta or Shrinebuilder. And it really was while listening to «Visqueen» that we made the decision to work with him, as we were really into the organic and vibrant sound that he accomplished with that release. Together with the mastering by Collin Jordan I guess we finally found a solid equation for our sound.

Blistering.com: What was the writing process like for «Fæmin»?

We were really committed to our music during this period, but when we started we hadn't a riff to play, only the urge to create powerful and meaningful music. It was a hard and sometimes extenuating task and one that was very different from our previous records in more than one aspect. This time, especially considering our own personal affairs, we had to make a real masterplan of everything that writing «Fæmin» would imply and that meant a continuous effort for every single one of us. All things considered, it was a hard but also very rewarding period where we simply tried to write the best music that we could.

Blistering.com: Are there any prominent lyrical themes running through the new album?

The lyrical themes have a profound personal experience behind them. Through them I choose to channel the negative feelings that surround our daily experience. Our failures, our losses and hopes. This time around, famine was the agglutinating theme that started the concept.

Blistering.com: “«Fæmin» translates to “famine,” as in starvation. How does this play a part in your concepts?

«Fæmin» means starvation in the sense of the maximum state of decay of the human being. For us it represents the ultimate level in which the human being can’t ensure his own subsistence. And this concept was crucial for both the riffs and the lyrics, since it placed ourselves in this austerity frame-set where we tried to strip down every glimpse of happiness that could happen within the tracks. In this process we found that our expression is bleak and that our music should also appeal to these desolate feelings, and this way «Fæmin» represents the sum of those aspects.

Blistering.com: Finally, what’s on the agenda for the rest of 2012?

Right now, we're booking a small European tour for late October this year and we already have some shows booked for Switzerland and The Netherlands. Perhaps we'll start writing some new material, but for now we'll try to promote «Fæmin» as best as we possibly can and hopefully we'll play live a lot in the near future.

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