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Blood of the Black Owl Ė Caller of Spirits

By: Matthew Bowling

Blistering.com: In most things Iíve seen youíre simply listed as playing Ďall instruments.í Could you break down what some of those were and why? Any guest musicians?

Blood of the Black Owl is a personal endeavor. Like the debut self-titled album and the second full length A Feral Spirit, Light the Fires! is solely of my own craft and spirit and looks to remain this way indefinitely. Due to popular, miss guided information on-line, many folks seem to not realize itís just little old me as a solo artist handling everything and not an actual band. Blood of the Black Owl has never been a band, nor will it ever be. James Woodhead was the only "guest musician" I've ever worked with under this musical sigil. James contributed to both of the split releases with Celestiial (2007-08) and At the Head of the Woods (2011), as well as the third full length offering A Banishing Ritual (Into White). Daniel Ellis Smith Harrod is another name you may see pop up in relation to this endeavor. However, Daniel has never contributed music, as his role lies within an inspirational and vital lyrical craft.

In some regards, to the spirit within Cycle of the Raven Talons, compositionally the Blood of the Black Owl musical sigil seeks to tell stories of awareness, through the heartbeat of the Mother and breath of the Father. Instrumentally, the Cycle of the Raven Talons musical sigil is exclusively organic and acoustic, focusing deeply within ritual through primitive crafting, using sacred and sometimes ancient acoustic instrumentation, while Blood of the Black Owl unites the primitive with the modern. Thus, sacred horns, frame drums, shakers, rattles and native woodwinds are implemented and woven heavily within all modern instrumentation such as: acoustic and electric baritone guitars, fretless bass, mountain /hammered dulcimers and various other modern tools.

Blistering.com: Any chance of you unleashing in a live setting this year? How would you pull the rather complicated sounds heard on album together?

As previously mentioned above, Blood of the Black Owl is just a humble solo endeavor and will look to remain that way. Iíve never intended for this voice to be on display within a live forum. So I can safely say a Blood of the Black Owl live performance is never going to happen. For the record, the two men Iíve mentioned prior, Daniel and James, are the only two folks I would consider to share this journey as a live spirit. However the reality is, neither of them, nor myself for that matter find ourselves in a position to handle the time, demand and devotion it would take to bring such an endeavor to life. So with that said, my apologies to the folks whom may have wished for something of this nature.

It may be of interest to note that "Caller of Spirits" was initially intended, to offer as a Cycle of the Raven Talons related Galdr and was ritually performed in its entirety within a festival showcase back in 2009. There are plans for a few performances once the Cycle of the Raven Talons An Offering To Mystery 2xCD has been released on Glass Throat Recordings. For those who may find a stronger connection within the ritualistic and purely acoustic element, or Galdr work of the Blood of the Black Owl voice, I would recommend seeking a Cycle of the Raven Talons performance. However, said live rituals are most likely to manifest privately within a wild location here in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

Blistering.com: Thereís still a lot of year to go in 2012, whatís up next on your plate that you can talk about in the months ahead? Any grand declarations to present to the world?

Well, most folks may not realize my own Glass Throat Recordings is co-releasing the Light the Fires! deluxe CD with Bindrune in August. I'm hoping to find a home to release Light the Fires! for a 2xLP vinyl format as well. There is a bit of interest thus far, however nothing confirmed. So I'm not sure if that will make a 2012 release or not. We shall see? Next up for G.T.R. is the debut CD release for a novemthree / Cycle of the Raven Talons collaboration entitled Cedar Spirits that is scheduled for an Autumnal Equinox release. Then the second Fearthainne offering entitled Knowing will finally see light. I'm hoping for a Yule release on that one, however I'm feeling sometime early 2013 might be more realistic.

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