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Zombiefication - Reaper's Consecration (Chaos Records)

By: Mike Sloan

[7.5/10] WaitÖ. These guys are from Mexico? Really?

For a band that hails from such a smoldering land and considering how the majority of Mexican extreme metal bands have sounded over the years (Cenotaph, The Chasm, Cross of Satan, Decapitado Por Genocidio, Shub Niggurath, etc.), Zombiefication just doesnít fit the mold. They donít exactly break the mold, but the deathly tunes that emanate from the stereo off of their latest release, five-song EP Reaperís Consecration, sound awfully Swedish. So much so that someone who isnít overly proficient in the typical geographical sounds of the world (or is just a casual death metal fan) might actually be duped into believing this is a collection of missing Dismember tracks.

The five tracks on the release arenít anything unique or original, but they are performed admirably and each song is strong enough to warrant repeated listens. Thereís the Swedish fuzziness to the guitars, Matti Kšrki-cloned vocals and, most importantly, a nice little groove to go along with their Mexican version of Swedish death metal. And itís worth noting that the programmed drums sound as organic as any weíve heard recently (there are only two guys in the band: Mr. Jacko on bass/guitars and Mr. Hitch on vocals), though we still always prefer a human behind the kit regardless if itís alive or zombified.

Thereís nothing wrong with Reaperís Consecration whatsoever and anybody who fancies him or herself a fan of said genre of music will enjoy this EP for what itís worth. It wonít break down any doors for Zombiefication in terms of a plethora of new listeners and it probably wonít garner them any major accolades, but considering how well produced a release this is and how accessible their music is, Reaperís Consecration serves its purpose as a filler until either a.) Zombieficationís follow-up full-length is released or, more importantly b.) a new album from one of the big boys hits the streets.

Having been the first time this band has been introduced to these ears, itís still a little jolting to listen to their music and know where they came from. Obviously many a band from all over the world has sounded like another band from another part of the world, but the comparisons to Zombieficationís style of death metal to that of the better Swedish bands, specifically Dismember, are jarring. Then again, since Dismember have called it day, why not let someone else carry their flag? Weíre down. Bring on the new full-length!



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