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Cardiac Arrest - Thereís No Escaping the Vortex Part II

By: Mike Sloan

Blistering.com: Quite a few relevant bands just canít tour anywhere near as much as theyíd like due to financial reasons and because many of the members have full-time careers outside of their bands. Macabre, Deceased, Cianide and others fall into this category. What about Cardiac Arrest? Is it possible for you guys to eventually get on a huge nationwide tour of 30-40 cities or even tour across Europe?

No. Well, I would never say never. But I was out of work for a lot of years. Pretty much from the time I joined Cardiac Arrest I was out of work; from 2006 until just recently. I was always saying that if we want to do a full tour, we gotta do it now. We did a good tour with Gravehill and Hod. It was a lot of fun but people donít realize that itís also very expensive. It takes a lot to do that. It takes a lot to do any sort of traveling show and people donít understand that. Itís not about making money but I donít want to lose money doing it. Iím almost 40 years old now. Itís not like Iím 18 again and just take off and everything will be fine. If something big came up and it was the right thing, it would certainly get discussed and we could all maybe make arrangements, but realistically I donít see that happening anytime soon.

For this year weíre just doing limited shows. Weíll see what happens next year. Itís one of those things where weíve been a part of some really great shows and itís like, how will those be topped? We just played with Autopsy, Cianide and Bones at Reggieís and Reggieís was sold out. Thatís a big deal because that place just doesnít sell out. The only time I ever saw Reggieís sold out was when Paul DiíAnno from Iron Maiden played there when he first came through. That Autopsy show sold out. Reggieís is a great place but itís not that big and it just doesnít ever sell out. How will we top that? What, next Saturday weíll go play at Joeís Pub down the street [laughs] in front of ten people? So, weíre done in the city for a while unless something special comes along. I just donít think people realize what goes into a tour. We donít have a tour van and we certainly donít have a bus [laughs] and we all have to take turns driving. Sometimes you donít shower for days or the next show is twelve hours away from where you played last. Itís a rough haul sometimes. I enjoy doing it but when itís finished, Iím like, ďOkay, I donít want to do this for a whileĒ [laughs].

Blistering.com: What are you realistic expectations for Cardiac Arrest and Vortex of Violence and whatís the deal with your other band Severed (ed - not the metal/hardcore band from NY)?

Oh boy. We have some things planned and weíre going to do some fun stuff. We are going to do some split 7Ē soon. We are going to do one with Mutant Supremacy out of New York. They are good buddies of ours. We are also doing a four-way split with Mausoleum, Offal and Scaremaker. Hod mentioned something about doing a split. Us and Cianide have always talked about putting out a split, but thatís usually just drunk talk. So weíre going to do all that and we also have some ideas for the next album. Weíve got quite a few songs already but we want to just take it easy and really bring Nick in (properly) because this will be his first time recording with us. We havenít done any vinyl in a long time so weíre going to do that.

As for Severed, well. Oh manÖ Severedís always been a kind of different animal. Danny [drums] and I play when we can play. Heís busy, Iím busy. Heís in a couple other bands, Iím in Cardiac and in between that and work, his family, my soon-to-be-wife, I gotta have some time to myself. Itís hard to get together on a regular basis. Itís one of those on-a-Saturday-once-in-a-while type of things. Do we ever do anything? No [laughs]. Weíll eventually get together, call John [bass] and just go from there. Thatís kind of how we do it. Me and Danny are going to be playing together until we are, like, 70 or something [laughs]. We always talk about recording but something always happens and we donít play for like six months or something and then we forget everything we did.



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