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Blue Oyster Cult - "Curse of the Hidden Mirror" (CMC International)

By: David L. Wilson

With as much of a history as this group has it wasn’t until the ten years in the making “HEAVEN FORBID” CD that there was an absolutely perfect BOC record. “CURSE OF THE HIDDEN MIRROR” follows that landmark release by only three years and comes close to the high standard set by its predecessor but in a slightly different direction.

“HEAVEN FORBID” was a heavy, almost angry record whereas “CURSE” is powerful but never nears the kind of furious passion of “HEAVEN FORBID.” It does with subtlety what the best BOC albums always have, Rock when appropriate and Roll when necessary for full impact to be felt. There are moments to this disc that feel like ’75 all over again, “Stone of Love” being the most obvious example.

“Eye of the Hurricane” will find great favor with classic BOC fans as much as it will the current generation of Rockers that have found BOC’s music in the last few years. A classic cut from a classic album and I don’t believe the chemistry of the band has ever been better.

And just who is BOC these days? Well you have the trio of Eric Bloom, Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser and Allen Lanier piloting the ship which they have done from the beginning as well as the more recently added rhythm section of Danny Miranda (bass) and Bobby Rondinelli (drums) providing mass propulsion. Rondinelli really kicks it in on this record like he has never done before.

So, for all of the storied history of the band BOC has proven that they are anything but an oldies act coasting on past glories, in fact if these last two records prove anything it is that BOC have many chapters left to write in their spell book.


Reviewed by: David L. Wilson

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