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Summer Breeze 2012 Preview

By: Dan Barkasi

By now, you Blistering loyalists are probably used to reading reports on Wacken Open Air from this here fellow. Well, not this year! Reason being, the lineup wasn’t what I had hoped, so I skipped going to the realms of Northern German farmland. But fear not, European festival lovers – for this summer, yours truly will be attending a different festival. We shall be going south this time around. Cleanse your mind, perverts! No, it’s all about a historic town named Dinkelsbühl for this excursion. Yes, we’re talking about Summer Breeze.

A glance at the lineup is enough to make any decent metal fan either drool with envy, or enact some intense form of arousal. Both, in my case. Before the Dawn and Black Sun Aeon on the same day? Yeah, that’ll invoke some strong feelings of sheer joy. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the awesome bands playing this year:

Anaal Nathrakh
Before the Dawn
Black Sun Aeon
Dark Tranquillity
The Excrementory Grindfuckers
Ghost Brigade
Iced Earth
In Solitude
Night in Gales
Paradise Lost
The Foreshadowing

And a ton more quality bands that I didn’t mention. I probably listed way too many to begin with, but the point is quite clear – this festival is absolutely loaded. Needless to say, there will be little time for rest and a whole ton of it dedicated to a total musical overload. Think that can be handled? All signs point towards yes.

Needless to say, prepare yourselves for a full report once this guy has returned from Germany – land of the metal fests and the best orange soda ever produced (read my past Wacken reviews for that story). We will have photos, a detailed review, and who knows what else?

I will also likely pick up so much merch that my bank account will cry. For any who want to sooth the tears, I am taking donations in order to buy everything that Night in Gales and the Grindfuckers bring. Well, not really. Okay, really – please? Maybe I will have to open an advice hotline? It’s too bad that 555-SHOE has already been taken. 555-RGNE, perhaps?

Well, time from my procrastinating self to pack. Always leaving things to the last minute. Oh well! Stay tuned!

For a complete list of performers and set times, head over to the Summer Breeze official site.


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