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God Forbid - Better Days Are Here

By: David E. Gehlke

Blistering.com: Youíre really good friends with Lamb of God and Doc was on loan to them a few years ago, so whatís your take on the Randy Blythe situation?

Straight up, I think that shit is bullshit. I think the fact that for one, our U.S. government is not getting involved in it, itís likeÖitís crazy to me. I know thereís certain things they canít do because thereís some papers he has to sign as far as like with amnesty or some shit. The fact that the U.S. isnít saying anything outside of the metal genre, is pretty sad. Randy is a good guy. And the last thing I would ever see Randy doing is hurting someone. Thatís not him. And the way they are treating him is totally out of his character, thereís no need for it. If it was someone else, it would probably be less important because Lamb of God is a big, American band. If it was some pop icon, it would be over with, people would be stepping in. It makes me not want to go to the Czech Republic.

Blistering.com: To your point, Iíve heard people say that if it were Justin Bieber, it would be over with already. We have our scene and itís a really big one, but the mainstream media doesnít appear to care.

Not at all. Our scene is huge, but this country doesnít care about metal like they should. Itís all about hip-hop, R&B, pop music. You have this guy who is very interactive with his fanbase and is this really cool down-to-earth personÖthe coolest person on the planet and heís sitting in some jail cell in Prague and theyíre not doing anything. It really blows my mind that this is going on. It doesnít make any sense whatsoever. I like to get into politics, but the shit that is happening right nowÖI canít really grasp my hands around it.

Weíre very tight with Lamb of God. We came up through the basement with those dudes, and those dudes are like our brothers; thatís like family to me, and the fact thereís not much I can do other than screaming ďFree RandyĒ and signing petitions and getting the word out there, I wish there was more I could do. It sucks that this is still going on and heís just sitting there and no one is doing anything.

Blistering.com: Youíve played tons of shows with people stagediving and I donít think any one of you singers would forcefully push someone off the stage with the intention of hurting them.

Stagediving is cool, but there has to be some understanding. People need to look at both sides of it. Sometimes, bands donít mind if people get on stage. If want to get on stage and dive off, cool. Sometimes we donít like when you linger onstage because that opens up the possibility of someone getting hurt because there are actual people onstage doing things and you could be in the wrong spot. Some bands have guitars swinging around. Itís cool if you want to get up there, but get up there and jump off. If youíve done it three times and security has to remove you, then itís not the bandís fault. A third, fourth time, itís overwhelming. And not to mention the incident with Dimebag, some musicians get a little freaked out when you come up on stage because you really donít know whatís going to happen.

Blistering.com: How much of this has started to make you think twice when you get on stage?

Iím always careful. I hate to think that mindset after that happened because youíre supposed to be safe onstage; you donít want to think of any negativity when youíre up there. If someone is too close and theyíre too close, you gotta handle it the best you can. Itís supposed to be about friendship at the shows, so I try not to think of the negative aspect of it. But if someone is up there and are lingering too long, Iíll say ďYou gotta get off my stage.Ē



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