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Nile Ė Their Wrath Is Not Yet Done Part II

By: Mike Sloan

Blistering.com: I bet it is. I canít imagine playing that song. With how fast it is, how heavy it is, how many tempo changes there are, itís a marathon.

It is a total marathon, but itís a fun marathon. Itís like a super long roller coaster and Iím sure weíll do it again on another tour. We have a lot of fun doing it but I wouldnít want to do it on every single tour. That would get old. Itís a special song and I think it should be treated with special care.

Blistering.com: Most of the Łber technical metal bands going around today in my opinion donít really know how to craft actual songs. Yes, they are very technical and can play the shit out of their instruments, but they tend to lose focus on how to create an actual song that can stick in someoneís head. Iíve always maintained that Atheist, Nile, Cryptopsy, and Death are really the only overly technical bands that have the ability to pull that off properly. Where do you think Nile ranks when stacked up against all the other technical metal bands in history?

Itís funny because people call us a technical death metal band and I guess we are, but the technicality to us is just a means of musical storytelling. Maybe we are a technical metal band? I get it; I guess we are. But thatís not what we are trying to do. We are just trying to write songs that are fun for us to play and fun for people to listen to. There has to be the listenability factor for us. There are different levels of different technicalities where you balance the fun versus the overwhelming musicianship. Thereís a balance in there and every song has to have a sort of balance. It also has to have that human connection. It has to have some life, personality, and it has to be interesting to listen to as well. It makes sense when people call us a technical band, but weíre also not a technical metal band. ButÖI guess that just came off sounding weird or not making sense.

Blistering.com: I understand what youíre saying. Your music is very complex and technical, but if that style of music comes out of you naturally, you donít personally consider it technical because it is naturalto you. Is that accurate?

Yes. People might not know this, but Iím 49 years old. Iíve been playing guitar since I was nine. Thatís 40 years of playing guitar. When I strap on my guitar, itís like it becomes of a part of me. Itís as natural to me as putting on my shoes. Itís justÖ there. Itís a part of me; itís who I am and what I do. I get it, I understand the audience perceiving it as technical, but to me itís just me musically expressing myself.

Blistering.com: Ultimately what do you expect to achieve from At the Gate of Sethu in terms of revenue, tours, opportunities, etc. over the course of the next year, year-and-a-half?

We are realistically expecting to be very busy all the way through this time next year. Weíve got it planned that far out so, busy, busy, busy! Thatís the realistic expectation: [laughs] to be busy!



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