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Blistering Song of the Day: Insomnium's "Mortal Share"

By: Greg Lenzo

Insomnium – “Mortal Share”
From 2006’s Above the Weeping World (Candlelight Records)

For anyone who’s kept an eye on metal from around the globe, it’s been apparent for some time that Finland has truly become a powerhouse when it comes to producing great bands. Insomnium more than deserve to be counted as one of these heavy-hitters, seeing as they were one of the key breakout groups responsible for bringing widespread attention to the modern Finnish scene. Their 2006 album, Above the Weeping World, still stands as the band’s best effort to date. It’s just huge; a seismic melodic death metal record that, in this writer’s opinion, will be revisited and remembered as a classic for years to come.

“Mortal Share” was the first track I ever heard from these dudes, and it had me instantly hooked. The intro builds tension perfectly, combining a pulsating hi-hat, a thunderous bass line, searing rhythm guitar, and one of Insomnium’s trademark leads tying it all together. And just as you begin to bob your head to the beat, a frantic drum fill brings on an absolutely vicious thrashfest of a riff, kick-starting the song’s first verse. It’s one of those great moments in which you are forced to stop whatever else you’re doing, put it on hold for a few minutes, and bang your head. And at the end of the day, isn’t that the simplest trait of a great metal song? I’ve been listening to this track ever since I first heard it ‘08, and it still has the same impact.

Like any great melodic death metal outfit, Insomnium find ways to seamlessly blend the brutal and the beautiful. With two solid releases following Above… (2009’s Across the Dark and 2011’s One for Sorrow), the band has been on a steady incline. But they really did something special back in ’06, and I don’t see myself get tired of “Mortal Share” anytime soon.


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