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Blistering Song of the Day: Gary Moore's "Murder in the Skies"

By: Matt Coe

Gary Moore – “Murder in the Skies”
From 1984’s Victims of the Future (Mirage)

As a teenager, back when metal was just starting to take a foothold internationally, one of the easiest things to pick up on was the guitar hero phenomena. Irish guitarist Gary Moore gained notoriety for his work on Thin Lizzy’s Black Rose album, but then in the 1980’s embarked on a rather impressive solo career. “Murder in the Skies” comes from his fourth solo effort, Victims of the Future, and it was topical due to the fear of military air strikes all across the globe.

What I enjoy most about this song is once again, Gary’s ability to not only deliver mind blowing solo skills, but also his knowledge and experience in pulling together all the right hooks vocally and musically to keep the arrangement memorable. The riffs make you feel like you are plunging and diving as if in the air strike itself. Gary also proves that he’s a double-threat with his impassioned vocal approach. He may have moved onto bluesy pastures in his final decades before his untimely passing, but many will remember his contributions to the traditional and power metal world for years to come.


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